It’s a Recolor, but I’ll take it.

I talked last post about my perfectly natural and healthy love for the Paladin Tier2 Judgement Armor set and was overjoyed to find that there are 2, much easier to obtain recolors of that armor. To my great dismay, one of these recolors, the black (and thus, by default, the coolest), was only available for the 2 weeks prior to the launch of Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Long before I was of a level high enough to participate in these events, and certainly long before I realized I want to start hoarding vanity items. Damn you Blizzard! Damn you for removing the Amani Warbear before I was level 60. Damn you for taking things away from new players before they even had a chance (but that’s a whole blog post unto itself, back on topic). The other recolor, a purple, is available relatively easily (for me anyway) via bosses in Outland heroic dungeons.

Being a paladin, a protection paladin, and a rather-well-geared-if-I-do-say-so-myself protection paladin, soloing all the instances required hoping for the drops I wanted ran the difficulty gamut between trivial and annoying-but-certainly-possible. People who ran heroics and raided in Burning Crusade keep telling me that when that content was new, it was no joke. Heroics were difficult and some raids were nigh-impossible. I feel a little gypped that I missed out on all of that. By no means do I wish to experience the state of the Paladin class as they suffered in Vanilla WoW, and seals still lasted only 1 judgement, and for 30 seconds, when I started playing my paladin way back when. I was overjoyed at the changes 3.02 brought to my class, I felt they were all for the better. I didn’t know the enormous baggage that Paladin veterans had been carrying for 4 years. Sometimes I wish I had been forced to carry some of that baggage a little longer than I did, but I was also a new player then, I wouldn’t have the patience for it that I do now, I think. Having read several veteran Paladin blogs speak of their old-time experiences and their loathing of the new breed of LOLRETDPS and the facerolling of Paladin tanking, I can only hope that I am not one of these new breed in spirit, though I am one in chronological fact. I have been playing World of Warcraft now for a little over a year, so I suppose I am not a “new player” in that sense, but I recognize there is still very much for me to learn about that game if I choose to go looking for it. I definitely consider myself on the casual side of hardcore (rather than the hardcore side of casual) but the people who know me in raids may have a different opinion.

I was lucky enough to pick up several of the 8 recolored pieces I would need in very short order. I picked up the <Mask of Penance> fairly quickly along with the <Justice Bearers Pauldrons>. After 2-3 days I had 6 of the 8 pieces and was very pleased. Having run Heroic Violet Hold for more than a month waiting for my <Bolstered Legplates> to drop, only to have them ninja’d out from under my by a ret paladin telling me he was building a tanking set so he could switch his main-spec to prot (after I had just finished tanking the damn instance for him and needed them myself) I was inappropriately optimistic about the length of time it would take me to acquire this vanity gear. The <Virtue Bearer’s Vambracers> from the 2nd boss in Heroic Blood Furnace and the <Cassock of the Loyal> from the first boss in Heroic Underbog were the last two pieces I needed to finish out my set. I got the bracers first, which was awesome, because there was lots of unfortunately unstoppable trash between the door of Blood Furnace and the only thing in that place I actually WANTED to kill, so not having to do that again was a huge relief to me. Two or three days after I finally got my dearest wish from the poor, abused, heavily farmed Hungerfen and my “Blessings Set,” as I now refer to it since it has no official name, not being an actual “set”, was complete. I immediately stripped, put my vanity gear on, and rode proudly all over Dalaran and Orgrimmar on my White Talbuk (the mount, of my current 90, which i felt best matched my outfit; remember, “I feel pretty”).

I geeked out something hard, let me tell you. I was all-smiles for quite awhile afterwards and made sure my guild knew it. I showed it off to everyone. Not really an impressive feat, soloing outland heroics, wearing iLvl115 gear around Dalaran, and logging out in it, TOTALLY destroying my WoW-Heroes gearscore in the process, but man was I happy. And I still am. A small step for man, to be sure, and yet another giant leap for my fantasy vanity. And, sadly, still not buffed into immortality, so BWL farm runs are going to be a very slow and painful process. I can only hope I finish getting my full Tier2 set before Blizz decides to upscale MC and BWL for the fun of it and take more things away from me. But that’s another post entirely… 🙂

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