My WoW-Top-10

I was reading through some older posts at the Pink Pigtail Inn and came upon this post about the Top 10 WoW Moments for the author. It made me stop and think of mine, and to remember that my long term memory is horrible. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday sometimes, loll. But, to the best of my ability, here is my contribution to the subject of 10 best moments (in no particular ranked order)

1) When, at 66, I realized I could pull the entire Scarlet Monastery Cathedral room, survive, and consecrate them all to death.

2) When my brother and I went to Warsong Gulch in my new Mechano-Hog and I got the Ironman achievement thanks to his selfless help peeling them off me with his hunter, and to the kindly resto-druid who followed us. That was the first time that I had been more unhappy that he didn’t also get the achievement than I was excited for getting it for myself.

3) After reading an article about a hunter soloing UK on regular, I went to see if I could do it. I not only solo’d UK erg, but I then went to test my limits and found I could also solo the Nexus and Drak’Tharon Keep on regular. (noticing a pattern of paladin invulnerability, no doubt, you are… god bless patch 3.1 and it’s 100% uptime of Divine Plea)

4) When I was level 35, my father and I paid a Ret Paladin on my server to run us through SM:Cath so we could get triple-XP from the enemies as well as from the quests. This was shortly after 3.02 went live and Divine Storm was new and shiny. I was so entertained by his ability to blow everyone away (he was lv70 at the time) and at his skill (I later learned he was the best Ret-PvP on our server, and still is) that I gave him a huge tip (in my mind, I was still new to the game, what did I know, lol) and a thank you note in the mail.

5) Joining my first ever guild on my level 55 Orc Warrior back when he was my highest-level character. It was the first time I actively interacted with people in the game who were not my father or brother.

6) Leading a For the Horde raid. I parked my warlock, my father, and my brother in the deep-run tram, summoned the raid, logged back into my main, got summoned, and successfully led a raid out of the deep-run tram and through stormwind and ironforge. We wiped once in Stormwind but I was able to keep the raid together, regroup everyone, we all resed instantaneously in the room next to the king, barricaded ourselves in, healded quickly, pulled in the king, and made a hallway-o-aoe-death for the alliance trying to stop us.

7) Getting my Bronze Drake from Heroic Culling of Stratholme. My brother was 70 and had bought epic flying back when I was still lv30 or so, and I had used his account to multibox some of my lowboys through instances to maximize RAF bonuses, so I had flown before. But getting MY OWN PERSONAL DRAGON, man that was pretty cool for someone who had only been playing the game for about 4-5 months.

8 ) Being my level 55 Orc Warrior running, terrified, through Un’Goro crater trying to farm Thorium Ore without 1) killing anything 2) dying. Why not kill anything you ask? Well I was lv55 and RAF XP only lasted till 60, and when you hit 60, you lose the ability to grant levels to the other account, so I wanted to leave as much of a safety buffer zone as possible. Un’Goro is old world. The mobs are grouped closer together, were less forgiving at the time, and I was still new to the game. There were lots of elite dinosaurs and the area of the crater I was in was called “Terror Run”, how apropos I thought at the time, because that’s exactly what it was for me.

9) The first time the Fel Reaver killed me in Outlands. Yeah, we’ve all been there. There are some big, scary monsters in the old world, but that Fel Reaver (who I am convinced is a rogue, because he stealths up right behind you before the fatal backstab-stomp) is something else. And then, conversely, the first time I went back and got revenge, soloing him at lv80.

10) Making 1000g in a weekend on the AH. Because I was being power-leveled on 5 characters through all lower level instances, I had accumulated a boatload of greens and blues. Being a new player still, less than 3 months into the game, I sold them at what I thought were fair prices, and as time went on, I started making more and more money on the AH every weekend. The first time I ever made 1000g+ on the AH in a weekend, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t help but brag to my father and brother how much money I made, because they weren’t making nearly as much in their day to day playing. My father always vendored all his greens, my brother probably did the same. Time has since passed and I’ve made over 20,000g from auctions just on my main (who used to be my auctioneer, the one who made all that early greens money) but that first big influx of cash, for a new player, was something special at the time.

I could go on listing more, and part of me is tempted to because remembering these things has given me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but I’ll stop it here for now. Maybe a post in the future. I know one of the things I see on a lot of these types of lists is “first time i went into my major faction city.” I wasn’t terribly impressed with Orgimmar to be honest. I hated UC because I was always getting lost, I still love Thunder Bluff to this day, and I still think half my faction doesn’t know that Silvermoon City exists. But what DID strike me about my first time in Org, was seeing all the raid-geared people. Warriors and Hunters in full merciless gladiator gear, and all I could think to myself was, “man I want to look that cool one day.” And I think I’ve gotten there now. Even though Paladin tier is always pathetically ugly… (except for my beloved Tier2)

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