The Sunwell and Molten Core

I finally cleared the sunwell. I was in a pug of about 20 80s and a few 70+ led by someone who cleared it pre-nerf, so I wasn’t especially worried. It was nice to get in there, see the place, clear it, and picked up 3 pieces of Tier6 for vanity sake anyway XD. It must be because there were 25 of us and most of us were heavily geared up as well as the post-nerf that made it seem so easy. We wiped 3 times. Once on Felmyst because we failed to burn him before his air phase the first time and people got mind controlled. We wiped twice on twins because people didn’t understand how to run away from the raid when conflagrated apparently. I was kind of disappointed how easy M’uru and Kil’jaden seemed considering M’uru was called a guild-breaker, and a very small % of the raiding world had even seen Kil’jaden, nevermind killed him. But I was happy to clear the sunwell and see the content, even LONG after the fact.
I and two guildies, a deathknight and a mage, also went in and cleared the Molten Core and my Judgement Legplates dropped off Ragnaros. I had totally forgotten that they dropped so I was not only surprised, but incredibly pleased that I don’t have to farm them and I now have 2 pieces of the 8 for my tier2 set. Everything else is in Blackwing Lair now. Ragnaros was interesting. I might have been able to solo him, but I apparently was positioned poorly for the knockbacks so I was constantly taking 13-18k fall damage then having to run back to catch up to him. The mage would slow-fall me so I’d take no damage from the fall but i’d be even further away and then take all that damage in the lava trying to cut corners getting back to Rag. All in all, it was a fun experience. Time to get my Onyxia Scale Cloak and go take down Nefarion

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