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I Hate the Tundra… Except When I Can Fly

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My most vivid memories of my time in Borean Tundra were of the hassle that was the Warsong Hold quest chain; stupid pits, stupid spiders, stupid fetch quests. (Oh, and the Murlock Disguise) Blowing up the sinkholes were alot of fun, but not much else. It’s alot like raiding in a sense. You quest objective is to kill 1 specifc mob, but there’s tons of trash in your way. Now, raiding trash can sometimes actually be fun, but questing trash almost never is. Flying lets me skip this trash. I actually didn’t hate (I can’t use the word “enjoy”) doing the opening quests in Borean Tundra on my warrior. I’ve fallen as deeply in love with Spell Reflect as I thought I would, and there is nothing quite so amusing to me yet as seeing a Kvaldir use wave crash and have it reflected back on him knocking him senseless. All times I would have to ride and avoid monsters, I can fly right over them. The long long swims at the far south of the map at the behest of the Kalu’ak, just fly over the water and dive in when I reach my objective. There is a Kvaldir with a spear at the far south of the map in some ruins. Formerly the only way to get to him was to swim forever, kill 6 of his guards, then take him out. I flet in through a giant window. dismounted midair and mid-air charged (it’s alot of fun) him and took him out. I then mounted up, flew away, and was all done. A 10 minutes quest in 30seconds. It doesn’t get much better. It was wonderful to rediscover the zone from the air. On both my 80s I got the loremaster achievement for the zone and the only time I ever came back was to fly over it as quickly as possible on my way to the Nexus. Now I’m flying over it scouting for my prey and fetch-quest items. I can actually see things I’ve never seen and it’s a novelty that has yet to wear off. I’m glad I did it to be honest, with 3.3 turning Instances into BG-like summons from anywhere in the world, while I’ll never have to fly all the way out to the Nexus ever again, it’s far less likely to suffer these happy accidents again.
I’m enjoying playing my warrior actually. I’m leveling him Protection against all common wisdom and advice apparently. I tried leveling a warrior fury once, I didn’t like it very much. I was very fragile. I didn’t like leveling Retribution as a Paladin either, but at least I could heal myself if I got beat up and downtime was relatively low. Fury was horrible with downtime. Even Protection, when I was 1-50 wasn’t too bad with downtime, though there was definitely some. I am adamantly anti-consumable because I’m a penny-pincher, so I never almost never eat food to regen or use potions. The ones I use are the ones I loot from trash while leveling, but even then, I’d rather sell them to a vendor for what little money they’re worth. There has been a little downtime here in Northrend, but for the most part, my BoA gear (and that nice BoA trinkey that heals you for a minimal amount) as well as travel time (even on my 150%-speed buffed “slow” flyer) has been enough for me to regen enough to continue basically uninterrupted. I decided to level Protection basically because I didn’t want to get to 80 and start having my guild carry me through things having no idea how to play the spec and hold agro. Sure it’s much easier to get carried as a DPS class, but that’s what dual-spec is for. 🙂
Even leveling as prot there is going to be a lot of reading I’m going to have to do. I already know I’m not using any form of optimal threat rotation while leveling, and I’m little fuzzy on the threat-priority of some of my abilities. Fortunately, warrior tanking is the oldest form of tanking that exists so there is doubtlessly no shortage of guides, blogs, and good advice for me to find and absorb. My biggest complaint, if you can call it that, is that I can’t just drop right into battle. I literally have to charge into battle (see what I did there?). The ramp-up time for my warrior as I go from 0 rage to 20 rage is the slowest part of this whole leveling process for me. I suppose I could spam bloodrage to get some rage just parachuting off my flyer into combat, but it’s nowhere near as effective as charge, and it never works out like it would if I was on a Paladin, so it creates a bigger space for me to be forced to work in and sometimes causes me to have to fight more trash than I would like. For the most part though, I have been a very efficient and delicate sniper of leveling. It reminds me very much of time spent leveling my subtlety rogue from 10-25, when I just improved-steathed by everyone, assassinated my target, and stealthed out. Only now, I can fly. Almost as good, not nearly as fun, but certainly fast and efficent and it’s going to make this hard trudge from 72 to 77 (the least enjoyable Northrend levels for me) much more pleasant.

Only bad part about flying… those damn blue dragons flying around the Nexus. I’ve been eaten twice now /cry


Another Amalgam Post

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I admit to liking these amalgam posts more and more because they allow me to sneak away from having to do any real work. I don’t need to present any challenging ideas or spark any discussion because the sheer volume of useless information I bombard readers with will make it look like I invested some kind of time and energy into it. It makes it easier to accept that I don’t offer a strict one-post-a-day diet, but at least you get fed before you starve.
I have finally cleared Blackwing Lair. I, and a few of my guildies, went in with basically zero knowledge of most fights and no Onyxia-scale Cloaks and we pretty much just stomped through every million-health boss in the place. The only one that caused a problem was Chrommagnus, and he was shaman-tanked expertly anyway. For the most part no one died and everyone had a pretty good time. The real icing on the cake for me though was that THREE pieces of the Judgement set dropped; the boots, the shoulders, and the chest. I had the legs from my only clear of Molten Core, and I’ve had the head for ages because of soloing Onyxia. I’m now 5 of 8 in the set, and two of the last three pieces I need drop from the first two bosses of the instance so it’s only a matter of time now before I’m fully spiffied-out. 🙂 I’ve also been fortunate enough to snag 6 of the 8 pieces of the Lightbringer set from pugs, and 4 of the 5 pieces of the Justicar set. I even got 3 of the 8 pieces of the Lawbringer set during my two clears of Molten Core, so my vanity-teir closet is filling up beautifully. My Banana Shoulders already dropped, so just a few more pieces to go and I’ll have another picture to take.
Speaking of pictures, I’m absolutely aware that this place looks like a piece of crap, and I haven’t totally given up on trying to save it. I’m still getting used to the limits of the wordpress system and I don’t like the way they handle imbedded images and I hate having to go third-partly like imageshack, but that may end up being what I’m forced to do. I haven’t really spent much time looking at themes either though I probably should. I actually like the white and blue I’ve got going on here, but I’ve never been a fan of the “empty space” philosophy of web design so I need to start filling some of it up. I’m not sure exactly what kind of color scheme I should head towards. Maybe I’ll do something that matches the T2 or th T2 recolor, or red and gold to match my T9. I read somewhere, I think it was Paladin Schmaladin that blogs need three things to be successful; updates, humor, and pictures. Not really sure how I’m doing on the first two, but #3 is definitely killing me, lol.
We got a second Tribute to Mad Skill after wiping like noobs on twins four times. We one-shot Anub’arak which at least gives me some glimmer of hope. It took us approximately 50 wipes to kill him the first time; three weeks of attempts. Our Mad Skill achivement took us 2 wipes on him, and this week, we didn’t wipe at all. It’s very encouraging. Now if we could just avoid wiping on bosses we have no business wiping on at all, like Jaraxus and the Twins… Our hunter got his second tribute-chest piece with the DPS staff because our feral druid foolishly chose his wife and child over raiding. We had a warrior running with us who I honestly expected to perform far worse than he did. He made a great deal of progress with his gear, skill, and effort level in the past few weeks so it’s nice that he could be rewarded as he cleaned up with the several plate dps drops we had in heroic. It also gives us the confidence to start cycling in people who aren’t normally in our 10H group because we can overcome one raid spots long as they are at least contributory without being exceptional. I hate leveling but I love the Fjord, so I’ve dusted off my orc warrior and gotten him from 68 to 72 in the Fjord plus a week of freebie Pilgrim dailies that scale their XP to my level. I now have five characters with 350 cooking on the cheap thanks to this event. They’re the five who I plan on being 80-85 and raiding with; my Prot Warrior, Blood Tank DK, Feral Tank Druid, and my two Protection Paladins. I mentioned awhile back that I never thought I’d ever spend time leveling my “future tanks.” The premades on the PTR were the closest I’d ever gets. Well, my warrior has finished off the Fjord and gained 4 levels. My druid has his BoA gear but it is really slow going so far. Can’t say I’m too keen on my druid so far. I’ve also deleted my 6th or 8th (I’ve stopped keeping track) Death Knight and made a new one, a Tauren, who shares his BoA gear with my warrior. I’ve largely missed the boat on the fun of Death Knights because of the large amount of talent changes. I remember a time when DKs used to self-res as a ghoul after they died. They got rid of that one right quick. But on the PTR none of their trees seemed as immediately obvious for tanking which got me very curious to level one and try out some specs. But, asi I said, who knows if anyone will ever get anywhere. But once my warrior hits 77, he’ll definitely hit 80, because I love the Storm Peaks too. 🙂

GQuitting Ettiquette

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A guild is a group of people who work together towards a common goal because of a shared set of priorities, whether it be leveling, casual raiding, hardcore raiding achievements, or just having a social experience and sharing the game with others. People join guilds to be with like-minded people who can help them accomplish their goals. What happens when the guild you are with no longer meets your needs? I suppose it depends on how long you’ve been in the guild, what you’ve invested into it, and how close you feel to the people in it. So if you’ve decided that what you’ve invested into the guild is not enough to keep you there, the people you used to be fond of now no longer seem to matter, and the time you spent in the guild now feels like “too long,” you’re left with, as the saying goes, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”
Most people don’t seem to have a problem with people leaving a guild as long as it is done with a certain etiquette and consideration for other people in the guild. Obviously, things like stealing from the guild bank prior to departure, or harassing or libeling the guild post-quit, particularly in public are low things to do. The Renaissance Man over at his blog Children of Wrath recently had an unpleasant experience where a few of his closest guildmates left without any warning and took some “severance pay” with them. He mentions feeling an acute betrayal of trust because of the immediacy of the departure, the lack of warning, and of the evacuees taking things with them. It got me thinking about the etiquette of GQuitting and just how much leeway people should be given. Of course, it has to be measured on a case-by-case basis, the guy who has been in the guild a week, gets geared in a raid, takes some things out of the guild bank and then quits is obviously viewed in a different light from a long-time member who has helped build and grow the guild, contributes to its success, and leaves.
What caught my eye the most was his point about the rogue “burning through his DKP” and people taking loot in guild runs before leaving. When you know well in advance that you are leaving, from a moral standpoint, I suppose, you can argue that it’s a somewhat unscrupulous thing to do to take gear from a guild you know in your head you’ve already left except for some residual paperwork. But what about from a rational standpoint. If you are in a guild that uses a loot system like DKP which basically awards currency for contribution, don’t you have a right to spend the currency that you earned before leaving? You earned it and contribute just like everyone else did. Why should you have to leave a guild sitting on hundreds or thousands of DKP which will become worthless once you leave instead of spending it. You earned it after all. If you were staying in the guild no one would have complained. If you’ve already left the guild in your head, does it feel like being in a PuG where loot is free-for-all? Do you feel guilty being a loot-whore? Is it ok to feel like the guild owes you something even though you’ve already left them in your head and now you’re just collecting back-pay for services rendered?
The last time I left a guild, I passed on all loot that dropped that I wanted because I knew that I was leaving well in advance. We used a loot-council system at the time so I felt fine in doing that. It’s not like I’m some great moral and upstanding person, but it just felt like “the right thing to do.” But what if my guild had used DKP? At the time, I think I still would have behaved the same way. But if I was bitter at the guild for not meeting my needs for a significant amount of time, would I not feel justified in feeling “owed” something, in the form of a DKP-purchased piece of gear before I left? I’m not suggesting people wait to burn through their DKP before quitting or waiting to ninja one specific piece of gear, but just something that you would have wanted normally if you were staying and it was just another raid?
Another thing Renaissance Man mentioned was the lack of advance notice. Now, in his case, people told him that they would be remaining, then quit less than a day later. But do you need to give advance notice? I realize in the business world people are asked to give the courtesy of two weeks notice before they leave a job so that their employer can begin the search for a replacement to minimize the absence at a particular position. For high end raiding guilds, World of Warcraft is alot like a job. I suppose they could make a case for being given the courtesy of advanced notice. At the same time though, many guilds have a bench of players dying for their chance at a raid spot, so if an active raider leaves, there is usually already someone geared and ready to fill in the gap so it isn’t such an issue. I don’t personally feel the need for any kind of large advanced notice, like 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t ever just quit out of the blue. If a guild I was in was not meeting my needs in a social, economical, or raiding sense, I’m quite sure I would lodge complaints well in advance of any gquit so I don’t think anyone would be surprised if I quit after awhile if the issues weren’t addressed.

Posting Apathy

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A great deal has happened since the last time I posted, and for everything that happened I felt that inevitable (yet, in these cases, small) twinge to tell the world about them, but the impulse faded far, far quicker than I could hammer out a worthwhile post in each case. Now I’m stuck with the far more nagging feeling of obligation to post because I have not in several days. We took down Anub’arak and earned ourselves A Tribute to Mad Skill back on Tuesday. He went down in 2 wipes and we had a new member with us who was responsible for one of them because he didn’t properly get behind an ice patch. So, going from 50 wipes, lifetime on Anub, to 2 wipes (or maybe 1 and a half wipes) I’m extremely pleased with us and our potential to work towards Tribute to Insanity, or at the very least, farm the hell out of Mad Skill. We stumbled on Faction Champs and wiped twice before we got to Anub which was very disappointing and frustrating, but there is always going to be some element of randomness with that fight. We had the misfortune of mis-managing being cycloned by the rare Moonkin druid we ended up drawing causing our pally healer to be killed each time in fairly short order.
We cleared ToC25 again with relatively little difficulty and my beloved Juggernaut’s Vitality finally dropped. I finally have a non-brewfest stamina trinket. I am one of the cool kids now. Don’t get me wrong, those briefest trinkets have served me well, but there is definitely a stigma to using them even considering how much stamina the 2 of them combine for. You’re not a cool stamina-stacker tank until you have the 258 and 245 ToC stam trinkets. I’ll never see the 258 one, but at least I got the 245 one. 🙂 With ToC10H now down two weeks in a row my 10man group is ready to spend more time focusing on Ulduar and I’m starting to build my Herald of the Titans gearset. The set I have put together with a gut-reaction first-look type of quality can be found on Chardev. Any opinions or suggestions to help me maximize and optimize it are appreciated. I realize it is using both briefest trinkets, but the Heart of Iron has never dropped, if it does, I’ll pick it up, same with Royal Seal of King Llane. The Black Heart might be a better choice than one of those charms too if it comes right down to it. I have about half of the gear in that set already, so I’ll have to do a little Ulduar25 farming and pray for some lucky drops and hot dice. I’m definitely wishing I hadn’t sold my Mimiron’s Inferno Couplings and my crafted 226 belt and boots. But I also swim in badges, so reforging them shouldn’t be that big a deal. My wallet weeps for the titansteel prices on my server though. There is also the prospect of a great deal of fantastic 219 gear dropping from the three new Icecrown five-man dungeons which I’ve had the pleasure to run on the PTR. I know that there is a weapon and shield that drop in them that has block rating on each, so it should make my unhittable Anub’arak set even easier to budget around in the near future.
Speaking of those five-mans, I wasn’t able to steamroll my way through them with my random PTR pug which I was kind of disappointed about. I mean, I shouldn’t be, really. They are turned to people wearing 219+ gear, so people that find ToC5H hard are probably going to get their faces stomped a few times. They remind me lot of Old Kingdom really (which is a very bad thing because other than Oculus, it’s basically the least run dungeon) because of the glut of caster and debuff mobs that litter the place. Cleansing totems and paladins are gonna be prized as are interrupt classes who do their job. I was almost smoked a few times near the end of Pit of Saron where there were 4 guys casting fireball and one casting shadowbolt and no one was interrupting them and no one was hitting the same target as me. I guess that’s a PuG for you, maybe when my 10man splits up to speed through them on our way into the 10man the first day, we won’t have these kinds of problems. I don’t doubt though, that I will be spending a great deal of time in those 3 dungeons, both on regular and heroic mode. That’s another thing; I ran them on regular difficulty that time on the PTR since I had never been there before and I wasn’t so gung-ho that my first time in them with some pug of people on pre-made characters they may or may not have known how to play was going to be on heroic. So they’re only going to get harder. They weren’t “hard” and certainly wouldn’t be for a group that had run the dungeon once and knew what they were doing (at least on normal difficulty) but they were irritating because I’m used to 10- minute speed runs of Gundrak, clearing AN in 8 minutes, and ignoring basically all other heroics because they take between 15-30m and that’s just too long for how over-geared we all are when we go in. But I have a ret set, a holy set, and a furious set to build with freebie triumph badges after the patch, so I’m going to have to smash through heroics again. I already have over 3000 “dungeon and raid emblems” so I may very well end up killing myself.
Then, of course, is the hot news about Icecrown being artificially gated a-la ToC. In one respect this is really good. It means that my guild is not going to have to completely ignore further attempts at Tribute to Insanity (or at the least, Mad Skill farming) and our efforts towards our 10man Ulduar proto-drake and Starcaller and Herald of the Titans titles for the sake of break-neck server-first type progression into Icecrown because everyone is going to be hitting the same invisible wall we will. It’s likely that we will down the first four bosses with minimal difficulty the first day, snag some impressive 251 loot which will automatically upgrade any slot for any of us (I want my shield from the Gunship battle, oh yes I do…) and then go back and kill some time in older content. And, of course, on the other hand, it’s terrible because we’re forced to have to go back and kill time in older content because we finished it in one day. It does save us the pressure of having to ignore everything to the exclusion of spending Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday blasting all the way to the Lich King, attempting to clear him the first week so we can start on hardmodes in week 2. Obviously Blizzard knows things like that could happen so this is their way of stopping it, but it’s still kind of frustrating. It will give me more time to level and gear alts and offsets and do some achievements that have been far too-long delayed. I still want to get the Undying title just for the sheer “coolness” of it, even though it’s close to trivial now. Well, I suppose it would be trivial if I could count on people not to die on the safety dance before we even get to the potentially buggy Sapphiron and Kel encounters. Stupid ice blocks. Stupid clumped melee.
I’ve read several bloggers talking about the potential burn out they are feeling while waiting for icecrown because of how under-whelming ToC has been, yet because of the significant raise in gear level everyone wants to go do it, killing off Ulduar far too quickly. They all mention that it was because they seem to have lost sight of goals or have accomplished all of theirs. It made me think about what my goals are so I’m going to just list them here for my own sake (not in any kind of priority order):
– Kill Algalon and get the “Starcaller” title
– Kill Algalon in “progression appropriate” iLvl gear and get the “Herald of the Titans” title
– Complete all the hardmodes in Ulduar10 and earn my Rusted Proto-Drake
– Complete “A Tribute to Insanity” in ToGC10
– Assemble a passively unhittable gear set.
– Earn Exaulted reputation with the Frenzyheart, Kalu’ak, the Shatar, Shatari Skyguard, The Violet Eye, The Scale of the Sands, Keepers of Time, Sporregar, and Cenarion Expedition (bringing me to 30 exalted reps).
– Once exalted with the Kalu’ak, level fishing and cooking from 0-450
– Get my Venomhide Ravasaur mount (yay more dailies)
– Earn my 100-mount achievement (currently at 87)
– Get every Northrend Epic Gem cut (I have 63 of 74 currently)
– Complete “Outland Dungeon Hero” (Need Shadow Labyrinth, Auchenai Crypts, Arcatrz, and Opening the Dark Portal).
– Clear Blackwing Lair once
– Farm Blackwing Lair to complete my Judgement Armor set (2 of 8 currently)

some of those goals are obviously easier to achieve than others. Mostly it involves finding some poor saps interesting in farming old raids for rep and vanity gear with me 🙂

I do have one more goal. Earth, Wind, and Fire (10 player). In a wonderfully inept Vault of Archavon 25 PuG the other day, we had a warrior tank with Titanguard and the Wall of Terror who didn’t know his job. Partly my fault, Koralon has been out long enough I assume everyone has done the fight at least once on one of their characters, so I didn’t bother to tell him he should stack on me so I don’t get hit for 45k or so by Meteor Fists. Fortunately I was on vent with some plate-wearing DPS guildies who were kind enough to soak some damage for me. We then went to Emalon. I told the tank I would pull everything and head to the right side of the room, he would then taunt Emalon off of me and take him to the left of the room. I pull. Emalon is hitting me. I wait. Emalon is still hitting me. I wait. Emalon is killing the warlocks. I wait. Emalon has killed two warlocks and a hunter. I taunt. I say “screw it, time to see just how big my balls are, I’m single-tanking this.” Maybe it was my healers. Maybe it was my gear. But I single tanked Emalon and his 4 adds while the warrior tank ran around confused, doing some random white-damage DPS but at least running out of the lightning novas. We actually had enough DPS left alive to do it, but it became very hard to correctly target the adds for the dps and eventually one of them blew up wiping the raid. I lived and bubble-hearthed. I felt justified in my decision to not spend a repair bill for others’ incompetence. I ran back through the portal to WG as half the raid bailed because of tank incompetence but we retained enough to slap the warrior around make sure he knew his job and to watch him do it. We got through the encounter with 18 people on the next go-round but it was enough to give me the confidence to know I could single-tank Emalon in 10 and 25, leading me to start hungering for that strange achievement from VoA. Next week… I really hope we can get our people on to try it. We’re outnumbered 70:30 on my server and we don’t win WG regularly or often so it’s very difficult to get something like this done, but I hope we will try it.

More Progress Followed by Less Progress

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Last night was time, once again, to head back to Ulduar and take some more steps towards our inevitable encounter with Algalon. We were missing our druid healer and our Warlock. This left us in the unenviable position of pugging from trade chat for hardmodes. Maybe that makes sense on some servers, but not so much on mine. Fortunately we were able to find a good balance/resto druid friend of the guild and an arms warrior from the guild who we had reluctantly decided to take with us.
First up was Thorim. Remembering the debacle of the previous attempt, I put on my full set of frost gear. We attempted to two-heal it as group confidence was still riding high from our heroic Anub’arak kill. The arena was relatively painless except for one brief moment when the healer and I both got stunned at the same time as 3 elites dropped from the stands and almost killed our enhancement shaman. A quick Hand of Protection and Avenger Shield later, all was well again and Thorim was brought down to us quickly. He was relatively painless. To be honest I was expecting a clusterfuck like last time, but no one died, our healers kept everyone up admirably and it felt very farm-like. As a bonus, the first time we killed him Sif’s Remembrence dropped (which no one really wanted or needed, but it was nice to see it drop).
On to Freya! Our arms warrior DC’d so we started clearing trash and I was very pleased with how quickly we got through it all, I remember it taking so much longer on previous visits. It was definitely a strange experience not to pull the three keepers and I admit I almost pulled the first guy without even thinking about it because I was so used to it. If someone hadn’t said something in vent about how strange it was not to kill them, I never would have remembered I wasn’t supposed to until I was busy running from Fists of Stone. So we got to Freya and our warrior hadn’t reconnected. We decided not to wait for him and attempt to 9man Freya hard mode one DPS light so we could try and get the achievement for killing her and her trash in less than 20 minutes. Not the brightest idea, as it turned out, but it was fun to try. Being the only tank in that encounter, not having watched a tankspot video or read any strat, and not particularly paying attention to my DBM either, we failed quite miserably. The problem I’ve always seen on this fight is DPS simply unable to reign it in one one add who always dies first and then they all res forever. That was our main problem that, and every subsequent attempt as well. We had our pugged balance druid go resto (he had a better resto set anyway) and we tried again. Same problems with the adds and we were feeling the light DPS. I was also not used to being smacked around in the Freya encounter, but I suppose when she has +70% damage, and her adds have +50% damage, and you’re tanking her, the big tree, 2 flowers, a water elemental, and sorta-tanking 10 bomb flowers, it all adds up…
After a few less than successful attempts our helpful druid ran into his curfew and we were left with the moral victory of throwing ourselves at the Mimiron trash just so we could have one person sneak through and die to Mim so we wouldn’t have to kill trash when we came back in 7 days because the teleporter would be there. Not exactly the victorious nightcap I was looking for when we started I can tell you that, though it was a good idea to do it.
As as a side note, I finally finished outland raider thanks to a consecutive pug of Tempest Keep that headed to Surpentshire Cavern. I’ve decided that I’m going to build, and store, full sets of Paladin tier 4, 5, and 6, along with my full tier 2, tier 2 recolor, tier 7, tier 8, and tier 9. Oh my poor, poor bank. even with 40 slot bags in each slot I think I’d be out of room… Not exactly a lofty short-term goal, but it looks like Icecrown is on the horizon a week or two sooner than I hoped it would be, so likely I, and the rest of the raiding world, will be spending every waking moment in there. Guess this means another PTR session has gone by with everyone hanging out in a major city with neatly-organized banks. 🙂

One Step Closer to Ouland Raider

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As promised Illidan, I have tanked and spanked you.Yes, I know I am 10 levels higher than former opponents with almost double their health, 15% more avoidance, and an armor value to boggle your mind (and that you have been nerfed) but my achievement still counts and thank you for Cursed Vision of Sargeras (even though I would have prefered your shield). I guess that means I’ll have to keep coming over to your house until you give it to me.

Time to go file another petition for Paladin dual-weilding and Warglaive proficiency…

Paladin 1, Doomwalker 0

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It took 23 minutes.

Another fearsome foe falls to the fantastic ferocity of the fabulous f-alliterative paladin. First the Fel Reaver met his match upon my triumphant return to Hellfire Peninsula having braved the colds of the Storm Peaks. Then the Storm Giant felt my wrath in the Howling Fjord (though he did kick me around quite a bit more). Today, I smote the ruin of the Doomwalker, a Fel Reaver world raid boss (who I expected to be quite a bit bigger actually) upon the gates of the Black Temple as a warning to Illidan that soon I would be pugging him for the clear achievement.
I had been wondering, ever since I learned of his existence, if I would be able to solo him. I wonder that a lot as a paladin tank. Can I solo the Fel Reaver? Can I solo Durn the Hungerer? Can I solo lv60 Onyxia? Can I solo the Molten Core? Can I solo the Storm Giant? Can I solo Thyrm the Hope Ender? Can I solo regular Drak’Tharon Keep? Can I solo regular Culling of Stratholme? (alas, CoS will likely forever elude me [as well it should I suppose, if I ever do it and it gets out, I’ll just be begging for a nerf]… but maybe wearing my H Anub’arak gear set…. I’ll get back to you on that…) Sadly there are limits to my power and the World Dragons with their GCD-extending debuff remain out of my grasp, as does the Pit Lord commanding the legions attacking the Dark Portal (damn rain of fire that hits for 40k per tick). I’ve never found Doom-Lord Kazzak but I assume he, too, would also be beyond me. I also, much to my disappointment, cannot solo Archavon’s trash, though I can last for a good while without a healer. I can’t solo the Alterac Valley general with 4 commanders up either (though if I have 2 healers, I can tank him, and I probably would do better if I didn’t get stunned and lose all avoidance for like 8 seconds, cheaters…).