A Night of Wipes, A Welcome Experience

It has been a long time. I told my raid-mates last night I couldn’t remember a time when I had spent 120g in repairs in one day (though some really fail PuGs of ToC5H feel much more expensive than their 40-60g bill). It likely would have been more, but /hug for “Divine Intervention” when a wipe is called. 🙂
On Tuesday when we went and cleared ToC10 and headed into heroic, we finally cleared Faction Champs for the first time and everyone was suitably relived. Nothing of value dropped, but at least they were dead. I am TERRIBLE in that fight. I can’t even express how terrible I am in that fight. In regular, when I can taunt everything and peel off my healers and keep at least one NPC locked out against the wall for the majority of the fight, I’m a happy tank. But that goddamn taunt immunity in heroic, let me tell you, nothing is quite that frustrating for me. I don’t care if I can cleanse and have some hands I can use, a tank that can’t tank is an unhappy tank. And they never target me unless I’m in my ret gear anyway. So I get in my ret gear and somehow continue to be pathetic. My ret gear is decent, probably somewhat underpowered for ToC10 Heroic, but respectable nonetheless. I know some very, very good ret paladins who have taught me how to do the job, but I just can’t seem to put up any decent numbers; not in DPS, not in damage done, not in time on target, and it frustrates me to no end. The way we ended up finally winning was that we 2-healed the fight. I don’t know if it will prove to be a repeatable strategy, but we were finally able to kill the first 2 targets without 2-4 people dying in the process. Once we got the 3rd down, we were pretty confident it was all over but the looting.
On to twins; here’s where the fun began. It was getting late, but we all knew the twins fight and what we had to do. Switching colors; how much simpler could it be? Kinda like Thaddius, but the boss doesn’t do the work for you this time. Then one of our healers DCed. Turns out the house across the street from him was hit by a car and caught fire. So he was done for the night. Screw calling it, we thought, and we grabbed a DPS and tried to 2heal it. Not the best plan; especially when you don’t know about Touch of Light and Touch of Darkness. Needless to say we weren’t successful and we called it for the night. We went back in last night, it took 3 attempts cause of some careless people getting hit with some balls, but the twins dropped like we all knew they would, and we were on to the final hardmode of this content patch: Anub’arak.
I had been reading Righteous Defense for awhile now so I had spent many a read-through and re-read of his posts involving his guild’s attempts on Anub’arak heroic and add tanking, as well as Avenging Wrathy (though his stuff focused on 25H) so I felt personally very well prepared for my job and how to do it. I’ve been unhittable for awhile and, in a block set, can sit comfortable at 40k buffed health (less healing Anub in p3) and 4k block value which makes me quite the cast-iron meatshield for the adds. /flex
We started off with 2 tanks (frost DK, me), 3 healers (holy paladin, holy priest, rest druid), 2 melee dps (feral druid, enhancement shaman) and 3 ranged dps (destro warlock, marksman hunter, arcane mage). Phase 1, as I’m sure it is for everyone, was completely painless and relatively routine. I picked up both adds, brought them to the permafrost, everyone killed them, got back on the boss and used their personal cooldowns. I picked up the second pair and moved them to the ice while everyone else was still happily smashing away, and Anub’arak submerged at around 66% health. Oh how I hate phase 2. I hate scarabs. I can’t tank them or I get punished with a stacking dot (28 is my current record), and I can’t really do any significant DPS to them, especially without pulling agro. And then, of course, there are the spikes. Those fast, merciless spikes.
We put about 15 attempts in before it got late and people had to leave. Once we figure out a reliable way to keep people from being spiked or eaten, everything else should just fall into place. As the burrower tank, I’m very rarely chased, though I occasionally got targeted after they were dead. The RNG of how many adds spawn (and where) and who Anub chases with the spikes is tremendously frustrating to me. Before we called it, one of our healers had to leave we decided to try 2healing it and bringing in another ranged DPS (balance druid). We were much closer to bringing Anub’arak into p3 with only one burrow phase but our MT would often die shortly after Anub resurfaced so we didn’t make much headway in those few attempts.
In the end, the best we did was 33% with 2 borrow phases (we died in the 2nd burrow phase when he submerged with 33%). What’s going to be most interesting for me is phase 3 where I will still have to find a way to pick up and tank adds along with popping Divine Shield and Divine Sacrifice to add my own temporary Mortal Strike to Anub. As far as I know, only one Horde guild on my server has killed Anub’arak in 10 heroic, and at least half of the people in that run were transfers from another server where they had been in a guild who killed Algalon on 25man and gotten their Ironbound Proto Drakes, so I don’t feel too bad. So we won’t hit server first or faction first; but we definitely can be one of the first few, so I’m looking forward to next week’s lockout (which starts tomorrow), Tribute to Skill and Call of the Grand Crusade, here we come! XD
It was nice, for me personally, to finally have a fight that I had to REALLY wipe on. My guild has had trouble on progression fights before, lots of wipes to Mimiron, Thorim, and Malygos, but I was never in those runs. I always joked that I was the guild’s good luck charm because whenever they brought me in to tank fights they had never cleared before, we got them down in a few attempts. Even Yogg didn’t take us all that long, it was mostly people just screwing up in clouds in p1 (though we were heavily overgeared by that time, and we still only downed him by the skin of our teeth that time we did succeed). By the time I got into the main 10man group, we killed every boss in 3 attempts or less on most cases, there was never a situation where I was forced to repair because I was broken TWICE in the same night. I was pleased that we, as a group, weren’t being negative or discouraged, and that I wasn’t personally discouraged with our wipes like I usually am. There were the usual feelings of frustration and helplessness I get from not being able to make my whole raid immune to all damage, do 50k DPS myself, and carry my raid to the pretty purples, but that’s just my own neurosis and doesn’t really have anything to do with our lack of success. We’ll get there I guess. Maybe this time we’ll remember to take pictures.

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