It’s still a month away and already done to death

So time has passed and the numbers have been crunched and avoidance hasn’t changed really there is just less of it; which is fine. One of the things I always hated about healing was the idea of spamming my Holy Light button over and over on a tank. I always preferred Holy Shock crit followed by an instant-cast Flash of Light (which also, hopefully, crit) to drop two significant heals on 2 targets in quick succession (ignoring for the moment that beacon does exactly the same thing but with a lot less effort on my part). Rohan mentions in a recent post that, “Healing is much more fun when tank Avoidance is much lower. When you can accurately predict the pattern of damage and adjust your healing to match.” I typically sit at around 62-66% avoidance depending on raid buffs, so it has definitely gotten to the point where the damage I take can be incredibly spiky. Being unhittable on several fights gives my healers a bit more breathing room, but I’m still getting hit with the same truck the boss is swinging at everyone else.
A former guildie, who can play any class or spec well, recently powerleved and learned to play a Disc Priest and a Resto Druid and told me how, with a BoA mace (and a bunch of sub-213 gear), he outhealed another Resto Druid wielding Val’anyr in a ToC25-reg because he was so familiar with all the fights he knew exactly when and where all the damage was coming from and was ready for it. While all the tanks I know are still wiping away the last remaining tears as they accept the loss of their beloved avoidance, this will hopefully make the lives of our healers much easier. What will be most interesting for me to see is what avoidance looks like when people are in Tier10.5 gear and go back out to try and knock out Tribute to Insanity where the 20% avoidance nerf is not in effect. Since tanks don’t get to epeen about their numbers on the DPS charts (and I don’t know any tanks who epeen about the numbers in the “damage taken” category) we’re stuck with 3 things; unbuffed max health, avoidance, and our achievement mounts 🙂 Personally, for no other purpose than “to do it,” I’d love to hit a 75%+ pure avoidance. DR will probably render that mathematically impossible though 🙂
Rohan was advocating for the removal of avoidance (as a healer they have the right to castrate tank epeening) but pointed out that there really wasn’t anything that separated tank plate from DPS plate if that happened. So what could we replace avoidance with? The Big Bear Butt has a nice dream for tank mechanics which is appealingly close to my own. Only time will tell how Blizzard chooses to shape the world in Cataclysm with Defense being removed as a stat giving tanks one more thing that won’t be on their gear…

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  1. You may have just saved me form writing a post called “Tanks live in a Vacuum”… Oh hell, I may just write it anyway…

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