In Soviet Russia, Bug Squash You

And another night of wipes on Anub’arak is in the books. We got him to 16% this time. Once again we were plagued with bugs [no pun intended, but on reflection, is kinda cool] (Anub’arak going through an ice patch without shattering it) and untimely disconnects (me disconnecting as he is resurfacing from the 2nd burrow phase at 33% health and everyone alive with minimal nature stacks).

We are definitely close to 50 wipes on him which is massively frustrating because I know we can do this, we just keep making too many small mistakes at the wrong time. We are trying to do it the harder way, with 3 healers, and, while our average dps per-person is around 4500 (2 melee, 3 ranged) it’s not enough to burn him to 30% with only 1 burrow. When we have 2healed it we’ve gotten him to about 51-56% regularly, but our maintank seems to die immediately upon the first resurface for whatever reason. We’re going to have our holy priest go shadow and hope she’ll do around 3k DPS so we can push him to 30% in 1 burrow phase. DPS really isn’t our problem, but more dps usually is not a bad thing. Fortunately they have not yet nerfed Divine Shield + Divine Sacrifice, and we have 2, so that, plus bloodlust, plus 250-ish nature resist on the tanks, and my new block set having 10,000 less health than my effective health set, should see him drop like a rock. A big, blue, bug-shaped rock.

As a small point of meaningless personal pride; I’ve altered my gear to where I block 100% of the damage the burrows do 100% of the time, so on wipes where I get to DI someone and am not forced to turn my back to Anub and 2 burrowers, I am 9th or 10th on the damage taken list, which makes me very happy. Nothing quite like being a tank that takes no damage to further inflate my immortality complex born of my class’ ability to solo pretty much everything in the outside world, and most things in the instanced world. Still waiting for someone to not die on the Safety Dance so I can get my Undying vanity title. 🙂

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