Yay! for PTR on Maintenance Day

I love the PTR. I don’t use it nearly enough. I find that it’s a lot like a New Year’s Resolution to me; it fills me with high hopes and possibilities, and I may even go through the trouble of downloading it, updating it, copying over some characters and a few pre-mades, and log in to sort out the dozens of gear sets and consumables / mats on those pre-mades and fastidiously organize their bags and banks; but then everyone just hangs out in a city until the PTR closes. I have been on the PTR for 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3, and I have never once left a major city except the one time I took a pre-made shaman to Elwynn Forest to abuse some local wildlife in the process of seeing what it was like to play the class. It’s patch day, but the PTR is up. This is a surprise to me, but a welcome one to be sure. I’m still forced to make a post because I can’t grind anything out on live, but at least I get to post and WoW it up at the same time. 🙂
Koramoor, over on his blog Resto Nation decided to embark on a journey to level and gear one of every class capable of healing so he could better understand what it meant to heal, and how to learn each class’ strengths and weaknesses first-hand so he’d be better at giving out raid healing assignments. I have always been sort of jealous of him for doing this because I know I just don’t have the patience. Obviously, my interests do not lie in the healing realm, but in that of tanking. I have a level 68 protection warrior with 2 heirloom gear (+20% XP) and heirloom Northrend Flying, and after taking all the time to prep him, fly him out to Howling Fjord, and do the first string of Vengeance Landing quests, he is once again parked in a major city next to the mailbox and bank, being a mats bitch. I don’t think this will ever change sadly… I have never leveled a death knight past 65, or a druid past 25. I don’t see this changing in the near future either.
And so that brings me back to the PTR. If I don’t have the patience to level and gear one of every tanking class, I’ll just let the PTR give them to me for free. Before everyone who has ever had a tank who didn’t know what they were doing on the PTR flames me, I am a very responsible player. I research my class, and I don’t subject pugs to my learning experience before I go out and tank something. Rest assured, that bad tank you had on the PTR was never me. Now, playing a Paladin tank (and a geared up one) on the live realms, I understand what it means to be a tank, so even if I don’t know how to play my experimental class, necessarily, on the PTR, you can be sure I know how to tank (even if that means getting juuuuust enough rage to thunderclap) and spec to tank (really, how hard is it to google “DK cookie cutter tank spec”). And so my journey begins. I have a warrior, a death knight, and a druid all made, sorted, geared, and sitting in Silvermoon by the bank. 🙂
Will I ever play them? God only knows, lol. As usual, I have the best of intentions and high hopes, but, as pragmatic as I am, it’s going to be very hard for me to devote time to a place that will get wiped out over grinding my Netherwing rep to hit my 100 mounts achievement or making money and hoarding for the inevitable flying passenger mount to debut in 4.0. If I ever do get around to using them, I may just find a new tanking love and switch my main. Blood Elf warriors will be possible in 4.0, so I could always race-change my Orc. Death Knights can be any race so that could be fun. A troll druid tank could be a unique addition to a battlefield in 4.0. I foresee dark times ahead for the Paladin class, not just in 3.3, but definitely in 4.0, so it may be for the best if I manage to fall in love with another tanking class, but then they’ll probably just get nerfed too 😛

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