Paladin 1, Doomwalker 0

It took 23 minutes.

Another fearsome foe falls to the fantastic ferocity of the fabulous f-alliterative paladin. First the Fel Reaver met his match upon my triumphant return to Hellfire Peninsula having braved the colds of the Storm Peaks. Then the Storm Giant felt my wrath in the Howling Fjord (though he did kick me around quite a bit more). Today, I smote the ruin of the Doomwalker, a Fel Reaver world raid boss (who I expected to be quite a bit bigger actually) upon the gates of the Black Temple as a warning to Illidan that soon I would be pugging him for the clear achievement.
I had been wondering, ever since I learned of his existence, if I would be able to solo him. I wonder that a lot as a paladin tank. Can I solo the Fel Reaver? Can I solo Durn the Hungerer? Can I solo lv60 Onyxia? Can I solo the Molten Core? Can I solo the Storm Giant? Can I solo Thyrm the Hope Ender? Can I solo regular Drak’Tharon Keep? Can I solo regular Culling of Stratholme? (alas, CoS will likely forever elude me [as well it should I suppose, if I ever do it and it gets out, I’ll just be begging for a nerf]… but maybe wearing my H Anub’arak gear set…. I’ll get back to you on that…) Sadly there are limits to my power and the World Dragons with their GCD-extending debuff remain out of my grasp, as does the Pit Lord commanding the legions attacking the Dark Portal (damn rain of fire that hits for 40k per tick). I’ve never found Doom-Lord Kazzak but I assume he, too, would also be beyond me. I also, much to my disappointment, cannot solo Archavon’s trash, though I can last for a good while without a healer. I can’t solo the Alterac Valley general with 4 commanders up either (though if I have 2 healers, I can tank him, and I probably would do better if I didn’t get stunned and lose all avoidance for like 8 seconds, cheaters…).

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