We’ve Joined the Club

In Capitalist America, You Squash Bug; or “A Tribute to Perseverance”

Well it was quite the roller coaster ride wasn’t it… What started off as a heated disagreement between officers turned into a 9-manning of ToC10-reg in 30minutes, followed by two embarrassing (and immediate) wipes on heroic beasts after some extended downtime while waiting on our 10th member, to swapping in a DPS for a healer who had to leave after heroic Jaraxus, to making our way back to Anub’arak for our weekly lesson in humility. Things started much as they had in the past, Anub willfully ignoring ice patches, people making mental mistakes while kiting, scarabs eating one of our healers… Our resident enhancement shaman had fought the good fight, donning his freebie 245 healing gear to help us 3-heal fights up to Anub (because we have 1 shaman (enhancement), and apparently only spell-power mail likes to drop in our 25s… and 10s actually…), but after some unsuccessful attempts where our holy priest attempted to DPS as shadow, the priest switched back to holy, our shaman went back to fisting the boss, and we finally got our shinnies.
Having an invincibility and a messiah complex helps when being a tank, though not necessarily when making friends. We all performed admirably, four of our six DPS breaking the 5k barrier with the other two not far behind. Scarabs were eliminated so fast someone actually said “where are all the scarabs?” when they had time to look around in the burrow phase; to which half of vent immediately went “shhhhhh!!!!!” and rightfully so, because it didn’t take but a moment for more to pop up. I didn’t see how many stacks of poison we had across the raid, but we hit phase 3 with 2 adds and 2 ice patches up after 1 burrow phase; it was crunch time.
I immediately took the adds off the ice and got them to borrow in short order then proceeded to add my meager contribution to the boss. Far sooner than I would have liked, the next 2 adds popped and our doomsday clock really started ticking. Somehow, I’m not quite sure, our holy priest bit it (I hope it wasn’t my fault, I’ll have to check the logs), but was able to keep healing somewhat as the spirit healer. Everyone else was still up and our healers were keeping us at a good percentage. I grabbed control of two adds and the 3rd resurfaced. Our holy paladin had hit his bubble-sacrifice combo but with 3 adds on me, it wasn’t looking good for me to be able to use it as well, but at least holy shield and block value would keep me up for a few more seconds. And then the 4th one resurfaced… Everything beyond this point is really a blur as I basically failed any sanity and focus check I was called to make. I hit my holy wrath button to stun them for 3 seconds, then did what every noobadin does when it’s “oh shit” time, I bubbled. With all agro gone and my stuns on CD I watched as the 4 adds ran through our raid wiping everyone out in short order while i spammed everything I had on Anub doing 50% damage. Almost immediately I was all alone with the boss and 4 adds looking to eat my face and shit my bones. I don’t know how many seconds I had left on immunity, but everyone had done their job by dotting the hell out of the boss, and with everyone dead and me immune, he wasn’t healing anymore. I watched as he dropped from 120k, 80k, 40k, 12k, EAT HAMMER OF WRATH YOU STUPID FUCKING BUG I’M SO SICK OF YOU I CAN’T EVEN… UGH JUST FUCKING DIE!! And down he went.
It was 2 in the morning, and everyone woke their respective households with cheers (except me, of course, I am immune to the joy debuff because bubble hadn’t yet faded). Our hunter had to go put his son back to sleep, our holy paladin likely had security called to check out his hotel room, and I was left with that wonderful, almost paladin-only, feeling of being the last one standing. I know they give one in arenas, but I should really get an achievement for that. I should probably also get the Benedict Arnold achievement as I basically killed my raid when I bubbled. 🙂 Whether it was the right decision or not is a question I’ll leave for philosophers, but, in this case, the ends justified the means because we got our Anub’arak heroic kill, our Tribute to Skill with 39 attempts left, and our shinnies. He dropped the heroic version of the caster staff Perdition, the tanking chest Stoneskin Chestpiece (which neither tank wanted because it broke both our 4piece set bonuses) so it went to the DPS we brought in from our 2nd group because he tanks for them, and the Aegis of the Coliseum (yay for me being the only one who could use shields since the other 2 were death knights). The tribute chest gave us 2 trohpies which went to our holy priest and the death knight who got the tanking chest for use in his DPS set which he uses in our 25mans as well as an incredibly cool looking bow for our hunter.
We are (apparently) the 6th guild on the server, 2nd on the horde, to have killed 10H Anub. Not very impressive in the larger, world, scheme of things, but I am pleased with us finally having the monkey off our back. We knew we had what it took, and while some of us didn’t care at all, it really mattered to me that other people knew it. It is one thing to achieve something and be proud of yourself, but when guilds achieve then immediately run to trade chat to berate other guilds for being unable to achieve, it makes me want to commit homicide. We were 2nd, but we could now shield the rest of the server, in spirit if not in fact, from overbearing elitists to at least some degree. They’ve achieved Mad Skill with 49 wipes, so it’s only a matter of time before their Insanity achievement, and I very much doubt we’ll beat them to it, but I believe we are capable of achieving it.
This is the first time when I have achieved hard mode progression before it became trivial. Perhaps I’ve finally gained my glimpse into the past at Sunwell raiding. Having spent 3 weeks and over 50 attempts on this boss, some good, some progressive, some 3-steps-backwards; this must be what “perseverance” is. My head hurts just knowing that there is A Tribute to Insanity ahead of us, and A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity after that. It must be possible; Blizzard designed it to be so, but I can’t even imagine what it would look like seeing players capable of that and what the raw math worked out to. My Sarth10+3 zerg was done in 245 gear, my Hodir10H was done in 245 gear, my Flame10+4 was done in 245 gear, and my Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, Vezax, and Yogg+1 will be done in 245 gear. While achievements, they feel to me like foregone conclusions (except yogg+1). I suppose, in an ideal scenario, I would ride around Dalaran on my Horde Wolf (Tribute to Insanity 10 mount reward) wearing my Starcaller title (Algalon 10 kill) on my way to Krasus Landing to mount my Rusted Proto-Drake (Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10). Maybe one day it will happen. Blizzard is not yet removing the Ulduar drakes though the super-awesome Ironbound Proto-Drake is probably forever beyond my reach. Maybe I’ll be able to get one out of Icecrown when it shows its face.
The best part of all, though; we remembered to take pictures. I got my Rhidach-esq kill-shot screencap which I was very pleased of, and we got a few shots of spamming lighting effects around the tribute chest while Tiron muscled his way in on our triumph with his characteristically dumb expression. Hopefully with this done we can spend a little more time in Ulduar and get closer to Algalon and our drakes, I’m very ready to be on that encounter.

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