More Progress Followed by Less Progress

Last night was time, once again, to head back to Ulduar and take some more steps towards our inevitable encounter with Algalon. We were missing our druid healer and our Warlock. This left us in the unenviable position of pugging from trade chat for hardmodes. Maybe that makes sense on some servers, but not so much on mine. Fortunately we were able to find a good balance/resto druid friend of the guild and an arms warrior from the guild who we had reluctantly decided to take with us.
First up was Thorim. Remembering the debacle of the previous attempt, I put on my full set of frost gear. We attempted to two-heal it as group confidence was still riding high from our heroic Anub’arak kill. The arena was relatively painless except for one brief moment when the healer and I both got stunned at the same time as 3 elites dropped from the stands and almost killed our enhancement shaman. A quick Hand of Protection and Avenger Shield later, all was well again and Thorim was brought down to us quickly. He was relatively painless. To be honest I was expecting a clusterfuck like last time, but no one died, our healers kept everyone up admirably and it felt very farm-like. As a bonus, the first time we killed him Sif’s Remembrence dropped (which no one really wanted or needed, but it was nice to see it drop).
On to Freya! Our arms warrior DC’d so we started clearing trash and I was very pleased with how quickly we got through it all, I remember it taking so much longer on previous visits. It was definitely a strange experience not to pull the three keepers and I admit I almost pulled the first guy without even thinking about it because I was so used to it. If someone hadn’t said something in vent about how strange it was not to kill them, I never would have remembered I wasn’t supposed to until I was busy running from Fists of Stone. So we got to Freya and our warrior hadn’t reconnected. We decided not to wait for him and attempt to 9man Freya hard mode one DPS light so we could try and get the achievement for killing her and her trash in less than 20 minutes. Not the brightest idea, as it turned out, but it was fun to try. Being the only tank in that encounter, not having watched a tankspot video or read any strat, and not particularly paying attention to my DBM either, we failed quite miserably. The problem I’ve always seen on this fight is DPS simply unable to reign it in one one add who always dies first and then they all res forever. That was our main problem that, and every subsequent attempt as well. We had our pugged balance druid go resto (he had a better resto set anyway) and we tried again. Same problems with the adds and we were feeling the light DPS. I was also not used to being smacked around in the Freya encounter, but I suppose when she has +70% damage, and her adds have +50% damage, and you’re tanking her, the big tree, 2 flowers, a water elemental, and sorta-tanking 10 bomb flowers, it all adds up…
After a few less than successful attempts our helpful druid ran into his curfew and we were left with the moral victory of throwing ourselves at the Mimiron trash just so we could have one person sneak through and die to Mim so we wouldn’t have to kill trash when we came back in 7 days because the teleporter would be there. Not exactly the victorious nightcap I was looking for when we started I can tell you that, though it was a good idea to do it.
As as a side note, I finally finished outland raider thanks to a consecutive pug of Tempest Keep that headed to Surpentshire Cavern. I’ve decided that I’m going to build, and store, full sets of Paladin tier 4, 5, and 6, along with my full tier 2, tier 2 recolor, tier 7, tier 8, and tier 9. Oh my poor, poor bank. even with 40 slot bags in each slot I think I’d be out of room… Not exactly a lofty short-term goal, but it looks like Icecrown is on the horizon a week or two sooner than I hoped it would be, so likely I, and the rest of the raiding world, will be spending every waking moment in there. Guess this means another PTR session has gone by with everyone hanging out in a major city with neatly-organized banks. 🙂

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