Another Amalgam Post

I admit to liking these amalgam posts more and more because they allow me to sneak away from having to do any real work. I don’t need to present any challenging ideas or spark any discussion because the sheer volume of useless information I bombard readers with will make it look like I invested some kind of time and energy into it. It makes it easier to accept that I don’t offer a strict one-post-a-day diet, but at least you get fed before you starve.
I have finally cleared Blackwing Lair. I, and a few of my guildies, went in with basically zero knowledge of most fights and no Onyxia-scale Cloaks and we pretty much just stomped through every million-health boss in the place. The only one that caused a problem was Chrommagnus, and he was shaman-tanked expertly anyway. For the most part no one died and everyone had a pretty good time. The real icing on the cake for me though was that THREE pieces of the Judgement set dropped; the boots, the shoulders, and the chest. I had the legs from my only clear of Molten Core, and I’ve had the head for ages because of soloing Onyxia. I’m now 5 of 8 in the set, and two of the last three pieces I need drop from the first two bosses of the instance so it’s only a matter of time now before I’m fully spiffied-out. 🙂 I’ve also been fortunate enough to snag 6 of the 8 pieces of the Lightbringer set from pugs, and 4 of the 5 pieces of the Justicar set. I even got 3 of the 8 pieces of the Lawbringer set during my two clears of Molten Core, so my vanity-teir closet is filling up beautifully. My Banana Shoulders already dropped, so just a few more pieces to go and I’ll have another picture to take.
Speaking of pictures, I’m absolutely aware that this place looks like a piece of crap, and I haven’t totally given up on trying to save it. I’m still getting used to the limits of the wordpress system and I don’t like the way they handle imbedded images and I hate having to go third-partly like imageshack, but that may end up being what I’m forced to do. I haven’t really spent much time looking at themes either though I probably should. I actually like the white and blue I’ve got going on here, but I’ve never been a fan of the “empty space” philosophy of web design so I need to start filling some of it up. I’m not sure exactly what kind of color scheme I should head towards. Maybe I’ll do something that matches the T2 or th T2 recolor, or red and gold to match my T9. I read somewhere, I think it was Paladin Schmaladin that blogs need three things to be successful; updates, humor, and pictures. Not really sure how I’m doing on the first two, but #3 is definitely killing me, lol.
We got a second Tribute to Mad Skill after wiping like noobs on twins four times. We one-shot Anub’arak which at least gives me some glimmer of hope. It took us approximately 50 wipes to kill him the first time; three weeks of attempts. Our Mad Skill achivement took us 2 wipes on him, and this week, we didn’t wipe at all. It’s very encouraging. Now if we could just avoid wiping on bosses we have no business wiping on at all, like Jaraxus and the Twins… Our hunter got his second tribute-chest piece with the DPS staff because our feral druid foolishly chose his wife and child over raiding. We had a warrior running with us who I honestly expected to perform far worse than he did. He made a great deal of progress with his gear, skill, and effort level in the past few weeks so it’s nice that he could be rewarded as he cleaned up with the several plate dps drops we had in heroic. It also gives us the confidence to start cycling in people who aren’t normally in our 10H group because we can overcome one raid spots long as they are at least contributory without being exceptional. I hate leveling but I love the Fjord, so I’ve dusted off my orc warrior and gotten him from 68 to 72 in the Fjord plus a week of freebie Pilgrim dailies that scale their XP to my level. I now have five characters with 350 cooking on the cheap thanks to this event. They’re the five who I plan on being 80-85 and raiding with; my Prot Warrior, Blood Tank DK, Feral Tank Druid, and my two Protection Paladins. I mentioned awhile back that I never thought I’d ever spend time leveling my “future tanks.” The premades on the PTR were the closest I’d ever gets. Well, my warrior has finished off the Fjord and gained 4 levels. My druid has his BoA gear but it is really slow going so far. Can’t say I’m too keen on my druid so far. I’ve also deleted my 6th or 8th (I’ve stopped keeping track) Death Knight and made a new one, a Tauren, who shares his BoA gear with my warrior. I’ve largely missed the boat on the fun of Death Knights because of the large amount of talent changes. I remember a time when DKs used to self-res as a ghoul after they died. They got rid of that one right quick. But on the PTR none of their trees seemed as immediately obvious for tanking which got me very curious to level one and try out some specs. But, asi I said, who knows if anyone will ever get anywhere. But once my warrior hits 77, he’ll definitely hit 80, because I love the Storm Peaks too. 🙂

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  1. With a DK, the line between tanking and DPSing is blurred. DK tanks use similar rotations and operate under similar constraints as their DPS brethren. My DK is born and bred blood spec, and the similarity between his tanking and DPS specs give a point of familiarity when shifting into a different role. So I would suggest taking your DPS spec, and trimming some of the fat from it, and shifting those points into the obvious tanking talents.

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