I Hate the Tundra… Except When I Can Fly

My most vivid memories of my time in Borean Tundra were of the hassle that was the Warsong Hold quest chain; stupid pits, stupid spiders, stupid fetch quests. (Oh, and the Murlock Disguise) Blowing up the sinkholes were alot of fun, but not much else. It’s alot like raiding in a sense. You quest objective is to kill 1 specifc mob, but there’s tons of trash in your way. Now, raiding trash can sometimes actually be fun, but questing trash almost never is. Flying lets me skip this trash. I actually didn’t hate (I can’t use the word “enjoy”) doing the opening quests in Borean Tundra on my warrior. I’ve fallen as deeply in love with Spell Reflect as I thought I would, and there is nothing quite so amusing to me yet as seeing a Kvaldir use wave crash and have it reflected back on him knocking him senseless. All times I would have to ride and avoid monsters, I can fly right over them. The long long swims at the far south of the map at the behest of the Kalu’ak, just fly over the water and dive in when I reach my objective. There is a Kvaldir with a spear at the far south of the map in some ruins. Formerly the only way to get to him was to swim forever, kill 6 of his guards, then take him out. I flet in through a giant window. dismounted midair and mid-air charged (it’s alot of fun) him and took him out. I then mounted up, flew away, and was all done. A 10 minutes quest in 30seconds. It doesn’t get much better. It was wonderful to rediscover the zone from the air. On both my 80s I got the loremaster achievement for the zone and the only time I ever came back was to fly over it as quickly as possible on my way to the Nexus. Now I’m flying over it scouting for my prey and fetch-quest items. I can actually see things I’ve never seen and it’s a novelty that has yet to wear off. I’m glad I did it to be honest, with 3.3 turning Instances into BG-like summons from anywhere in the world, while I’ll never have to fly all the way out to the Nexus ever again, it’s far less likely to suffer these happy accidents again.
I’m enjoying playing my warrior actually. I’m leveling him Protection against all common wisdom and advice apparently. I tried leveling a warrior fury once, I didn’t like it very much. I was very fragile. I didn’t like leveling Retribution as a Paladin either, but at least I could heal myself if I got beat up and downtime was relatively low. Fury was horrible with downtime. Even Protection, when I was 1-50 wasn’t too bad with downtime, though there was definitely some. I am adamantly anti-consumable because I’m a penny-pincher, so I never almost never eat food to regen or use potions. The ones I use are the ones I loot from trash while leveling, but even then, I’d rather sell them to a vendor for what little money they’re worth. There has been a little downtime here in Northrend, but for the most part, my BoA gear (and that nice BoA trinkey that heals you for a minimal amount) as well as travel time (even on my 150%-speed buffed “slow” flyer) has been enough for me to regen enough to continue basically uninterrupted. I decided to level Protection basically because I didn’t want to get to 80 and start having my guild carry me through things having no idea how to play the spec and hold agro. Sure it’s much easier to get carried as a DPS class, but that’s what dual-spec is for. 🙂
Even leveling as prot there is going to be a lot of reading I’m going to have to do. I already know I’m not using any form of optimal threat rotation while leveling, and I’m little fuzzy on the threat-priority of some of my abilities. Fortunately, warrior tanking is the oldest form of tanking that exists so there is doubtlessly no shortage of guides, blogs, and good advice for me to find and absorb. My biggest complaint, if you can call it that, is that I can’t just drop right into battle. I literally have to charge into battle (see what I did there?). The ramp-up time for my warrior as I go from 0 rage to 20 rage is the slowest part of this whole leveling process for me. I suppose I could spam bloodrage to get some rage just parachuting off my flyer into combat, but it’s nowhere near as effective as charge, and it never works out like it would if I was on a Paladin, so it creates a bigger space for me to be forced to work in and sometimes causes me to have to fight more trash than I would like. For the most part though, I have been a very efficient and delicate sniper of leveling. It reminds me very much of time spent leveling my subtlety rogue from 10-25, when I just improved-steathed by everyone, assassinated my target, and stealthed out. Only now, I can fly. Almost as good, not nearly as fun, but certainly fast and efficent and it’s going to make this hard trudge from 72 to 77 (the least enjoyable Northrend levels for me) much more pleasant.

Only bad part about flying… those damn blue dragons flying around the Nexus. I’ve been eaten twice now /cry

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