My “Sexy Fireman Fantasy” Fulfilled

All I had heard were horror stories. “OMG SO HARD,” “Yogg+1 is easier,” “I can haz burn unit!?” Well, Maybe they were talking about 25man… After about 6 raid hours of attempts, the defender of the universe, V0-L7-R0-N, was dead at our feet and we were dubbed “Firefighter” for our troubles. I didn’t think it was that bad. Sure there was a great deal to pay attention to, and I was often overwhelmed at times from trying to keep sound positioning, and, once again, I felt like the guy with the easiest job in the raid, but I’m far, far more scared of Yogg+1 than I am of having to do firefighter again. In phase one, it was the same as it ever was for me, stand there, get bashed in the face by Mr. Plow and occasionally get lit up by the plasma blast. Being a Paladin, I only get to CD through the first one and have to eat the second one, relying far too much on my healers to heal me through it. If Ardent Defender procs, so be it, but I’d say it only proc’d in about half the attempts we did. In our early attempts our DPS was low, so if we got a 3rd Plasma Blast and AD was on CD, I got a Guardian Spirit from our holy priest and all was well. On our successful attempt, he only got 2 off.
Phase 2, the fun begins; we must have been doing it in some kind of sub-optimal way, cause every time p2 would start, we’d all be standing next to each other getting turned into swiss cheese by Mimi’s lasers. I bubble-sacrifice at this point, but honestly I don’t know how much it really helps, but I suppose anything is better than nothing. The melee is always on fire here. Then the fire always gets put out. Then we’re all on fire again. Time for the light show of Laser Barrage. Here is the second of our 3 “are we gonna have to wipe it?” checks (the first of which being the two Shock Blast casts in p1 that someone often seems to fail to avoid). In about 90% of our attempts, at least one person bit it here. No one died in our successful attempt. Now I start to feel out of place. Can’t tank the boss, can’t do any real damage to him, can’t really heal anyone, I mostly just have to try to stay out of any incoming damage cause my healers doubtlessly have enough to worry about.
Phase 3 I get to be a tank again. The hardest part of this phase for me is positioning. I have to have my camera turned in a way that I can see adds coming from across the room while keeping an eye on the fire near me, while looking out for bombots and everyone is trying to stay spread out and there are the trashbots running free, ugh, messy is all I can say. We wiped a lot in p3 or immediately in p4 because we mishandled p3. Too much emphasis was put on burning the head down while it was in the air and leaving me to OT everything until an AoE burn before p4 starts. Suffice to say, that never worked. When we shifted to burning down the adds immediately then using their cores to drop the head the phase was much more manageable, for me at least, because the fire always spreads to me, then the adds tractor-beam me, so I have to waste a GCD to cleanse myself to move and the whole group has spread out and I could lose my bearings and, ugh, messy is all I have to say.
When we got to phase 4 I wish I could say it was all over but the looting, but we did wipe one time at 7/7/14% which was disappointing. Really the hardest part was all on the healers keeping the ranged alive so they could kill the head, for me, it was back to the phase1 routine of tank-and-run. Its fights like these that remind me that I’m never going to be a good healer. Since this post is now more than two-weeks past his death I don’t remember what dropped, not that it really matters since it was 219 anyway. Afterwards we couldn’t resist the temptation to open Algalon’s door and peek our head in. It is quite a sight. If you have never been inside the room, all I can tell you is that it’s probably the coolest looking place in the game. The floor is transparent, the ceiling is very high, and the place is huge, it is quite a sight. I suspect Blizzard expected, and wanted us to indulge in, ogling the scenery since they made Algalon a Neutral mob, meaning he does not pull until you walk up and poke him with a stick. After running around the room for awhile the tension of “you’d better not click on him by accident” got the best of me and I had to hearth. It didn’t come from the fear of pulling him as much as the fear of starting the 1hr timer meaning we’d go in blind, and completely unprepared. I wouldn’t have minded doing that if everyone was willing, but pulling accidentally when half the raid has logged off and half of us are still picking our jaws up off the floor would not have been a good thing.
I make a really cute firefighter. 🙂

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  1. Ummmmm… I know a guild that lost a week of attempts on Algalon because they opened the door, and didn’t pull him. He despawned when the instance reset.

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