Passive-Agressive FTW

Or, “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Oculus”…
I know I’m not the only one, but for the first month, I’ve gotten Oculus close to 30 times (I haven’t been keeping exact track, but I do randoms on all 3 of my 80s, and generally do about 5-7 randoms in a day total on the slow days, nevermind the days I queue up and amass 75 emblems.), and I’ve left the dungeon all but 4 of those times. I did it for two main reasons 1) no matter how much they nerf it, it doesn’t change the fact that the single most glaring problem of the Oculus has not been fixed, flying drakes pulling on dismounted players who are unable to mount up, unable to fight back, and are forced to sit there as they are picked off and wipe; and 2) I wanted to be part of the number of people who wanted to send Blizzard the message that no one wants to run their instance until they fix what is wrong with it, not with nerfs and loot-incentives, but by actually fixing it. Well, It turns out I wasn’t the only one. This doesn’t fix the inherent problem I’ve just brought up, but it does show that I was not the only one abandoning the instance to send a message. Apparently the message has been sent loud and clear, this place is so bad you have to OFFER PLAYERS A FLYING MOUNT to get them to run it. Personally, I’m just stoked by the 2 extra triumph emblems. But, as a tank, I hate the drake whelping trash on the first ring and I hate that drakes can still pull on you when you’re dismounted (especially when fighting the 2nd boss). To be fair, they have, in fact, nerfed the hell out of the place. It was never difficult, but it’s definitely well into “trivial” just from my gear, nevermind removing some trash and nerfing the health and damage of the bosses. Does this mean I’ll never abandon the Oculus again? Well, I hate to admit it, but it probably does, because in an emblems-per-hour sense, Oculus has gone from 4 emblems (+2 for the random) in 20 minutes, to 6+2 in 20m, making it a 1-emblem-per-3-minutes run (approximately), which is only slightly lower than the Nexus and Gundrak’s 5+2 in 15m for a 1-emblem-per-2-minutes, and DTKs 4+2 in 15m. It doesn’t hurt that I could have an ugly dragon that I’ll never mount (I’ve seen it drop in Maly10), but it will count towards my 100 achievement. I know, to some people, these new rewards are completely irrelevant and they’ll never stop dropping this instance, but for me, I guess it’s just time I figure out a way to LoS those drakes, gather them all and AoE the shit out of them like I was running DTK or Gundrak. I’ll probably never get that drake, but those emblems will be there every time; but I wish we had held out for more. 🙂

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