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Avon Calling

Posted in Vanity on February 28, 2010 by firsthandtengen

As you can see, I’ve made some cosmetic changes. I finally decided to spruce the place up a bit, as it were. The problem with doing so much in the World of Warcraft is that, for me, if I don’t immediately write about it, I lose all interest in doing such very very quickly. I had some nice, lengthly gear theorycrafting posts I wanted to do, which basically amounted to my internal thought processes as I debated my Emblem of Frost upgrade path and my thoughts on the potential usefullness of the paladin t10 4piece bonus for specific hardmode encounters as well as just general use. But the more I started to write, the more the min-maxing and balancing act math just weighed on me especially since I don’t have every piece of gear and infinite time and lockouts to do a whole bunch of data-point tests, so that kind of died in the pen. I killed the Lich King on 10man back on the 23rd, though attendance issues have really made our legitimate 25man attempts few and far between. So I wanted to talk a little bit about my experiences in the fight and how it’s the first really challanging fight for me in ICC, but as more and more days passed the desire to write about that also diminished. Then there is my ever-present internal struggle to manage my expectations vs what I am able to do in the game, who I’m able to do it with, and in what kind of timeframe am I able to do it. That will probably eventually make its way to a full post, but for now, it’s also on hold. There are times when, as a blogger, I have writer’s block, but really, most of the time, it’s “writer’s laze” as Kevin Smith calls it. So for now, just enjoy the new layout and colors, we’ll see how long it lasts until I feel like redecorating again. Hopefully I’ll figure out of to make a few more cosmetic changes to the text and get some pictures in here.


Zoom Zoom Zoom

Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2010 by firsthandtengen

What a long, strange trip it has been indeed. The last time I was here, I was probably about lv75 or so, maybe even a little lower, but I definitely wasn’t 80. The Elders event is my very last world event. I couldn’t finish Elders of Dungeons last year because I couldn’t get into some of them, nevermind survive or know what I was doing once I did. Now, I’m a battle-hardened heroics veteran, geared to the teeth and terribly impatient. I found the elder in Gundrak during my daily random for my frosties yesterday, and it reminded me, only 12 more of them to go and I get my “I’m not good enough for a raiding drake” 310% speed mount. It is ugly as hell, but it’s gonna be fast. With my wonderfully awesome multiplicative pally Crusader Aura, I’m gonna be zooming across the sky at an unprecedented 492% unmounted run speed. I’m gonna be flying towards the storm peaks to get my daily JC quest item and if I’m not careful I’m gonna hit 88 miles per hour and end up in last year where I’m gonna see myself completing the Brunhildnar village quest line. It’s gonna be sweet. Bad enough I hate leveling, and leveling in the old world in particular, but holy crap I’m never going to be able to walk anywhere again.
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Working as Intended

Posted in Raiding on February 9, 2010 by firsthandtengen

It’s been a hot week for controversy and Blizzard’s PR face has been rubbed in its own mistakes quite a bit around the internet from the high-end raiding community. Ensidia got the World First kill of the Lich King on 25man, except 8 hours later they didn’t. A very short time later, Paragon posts a kill shot with 20 attempts remaining, meaning they did not wipe once on any of the gatekeeper bosses or the king himself. This would have been impressive (well, it still is impressive, but it would have been moreso) if they hadn’t used their alts, which are better geared that most of the mains in the world, to burn through all their attempts to learn the fights, then go in on their mains to get the kill achievement with a snappy killshot.
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Icecrown, the Final Goal

Posted in Raiding on February 2, 2010 by firsthandtengen

Here it is folks, the big baddie himself. It’s Tuesday, I’m downloading the patch right now, the servers will be up in 4 hours or so for me, and then it will be officially the largest raid day of the expansion. How many people in the world will unlock Icecrown hard modes in 10man and 25man TONIGHT? Things are going to start getting really busy for all the raiders out there and I’m excited. I have to say that I’m very very glad that ICC is using the Ulduar route for hard modes rather than the ICC one, I don’t know if I could stand to run it twice in a week since it is bigger than ToC. It’s already bad enough that I’m demotivated on 10man days because the fights do feel “easier” to me. As a tank, I have been very disappointed in my responsibilities in in Icecrown, so here is hoping Dreamwalker, Sindragossa, and the Lich King will make me do something more interesting than stand there waiting for my turn to taunt the boss or else we wipe. It really does feel to me like DPS gets to have all the fun in ICC fights.
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