Zoom Zoom Zoom

What a long, strange trip it has been indeed. The last time I was here, I was probably about lv75 or so, maybe even a little lower, but I definitely wasn’t 80. The Elders event is my very last world event. I couldn’t finish Elders of Dungeons last year because I couldn’t get into some of them, nevermind survive or know what I was doing once I did. Now, I’m a battle-hardened heroics veteran, geared to the teeth and terribly impatient. I found the elder in Gundrak during my daily random for my frosties yesterday, and it reminded me, only 12 more of them to go and I get my “I’m not good enough for a raiding drake” 310% speed mount. It is ugly as hell, but it’s gonna be fast. With my wonderfully awesome multiplicative pally Crusader Aura, I’m gonna be zooming across the sky at an unprecedented 492% unmounted run speed. I’m gonna be flying towards the storm peaks to get my daily JC quest item and if I’m not careful I’m gonna hit 88 miles per hour and end up in last year where I’m gonna see myself completing the Brunhildnar village quest line. It’s gonna be sweet. Bad enough I hate leveling, and leveling in the old world in particular, but holy crap I’m never going to be able to walk anywhere again.
If only it wasn’t so hard to convince people to help me go do “1 Light in Darkness” on both 10 and 25man, the last ones I need for each drake. The top guild on my server is selling Ironbound drakes for 33k, so maybe I’d only have to pay them like 10k or less just for a 1 Light boosty, but I’d still rather get it on my own (read: FOR FREE, CAUSE I’M CHEAP!!). It’s so hard to get people motivated to come with you on old content, even when your ICC and ToGC IDs are completed for the week. I guess since I wasn’t one of the cool kids who got to farm the crap out of Ulduar when it was new and shiny (now it’s just shiny), I’m not as sick of it as some people. I still don’t even have Observed on 10 player, nevermind 25. LIFETIME I have put in exactly 52 minutes of attempts on Algalon, one of our healers DC’d so we lost our 53-60m attempt. I’ve got the key, but no one wants to go. I guess when you have people in your guild that used to be in Premonition and Edge, stuff just can’t excite them the way it does me. I have to say I’m very grateful that Blizzard has not taken those drakes away yet, but, like the Amani Warbear, their days are still numbered. They’ll be gone by Cataclysm, and maybe even a little bit before.
I remember back in 3.2 when Emblems of Conquest became farmable in heroics, I thought, “Now we can make some progress in Ulduar because gear won’t be holding us back! I might get to get an Ironbound Proto-Drake!” Of course, how naive I was then, believing that gear was our only limiting factor. I did a 10man Hodir speed kill yesterday with no lust and no NPC buffs except a Scorch with poor uptime… how times have changed. Now I’m in a guild that has a legitimate shot at the Armored Frostwyrms in a timely fashion. But, at least I have learned the lessons of my past. There is going to come a time when the ICC version of “Herald of the Titans” and “Tribute to Dedicated Insanity” is within reach, and I’m gonna save my damn gear even though I know members of my guild won’t cause they’re no fun at all sometimes. I have fortunately spent enough time that I’ve mostly amassed a respectable (if not BiS) “Herald of the Titans” and “Dedicated Insanity” gear set, and my bags cry daily for me to finish those achievements so I can clean out some damn space, but no one ever wants to come with me, and even in all 264 gear I can’t solo those things (buff pallies kthx!), so progression-appropriate is definitely without hope.

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