Avon Calling

As you can see, I’ve made some cosmetic changes. I finally decided to spruce the place up a bit, as it were. The problem with doing so much in the World of Warcraft is that, for me, if I don’t immediately write about it, I lose all interest in doing such very very quickly. I had some nice, lengthly gear theorycrafting posts I wanted to do, which basically amounted to my internal thought processes as I debated my Emblem of Frost upgrade path and my thoughts on the potential usefullness of the paladin t10 4piece bonus for specific hardmode encounters as well as just general use. But the more I started to write, the more the min-maxing and balancing act math just weighed on me especially since I don’t have every piece of gear and infinite time and lockouts to do a whole bunch of data-point tests, so that kind of died in the pen. I killed the Lich King on 10man back on the 23rd, though attendance issues have really made our legitimate 25man attempts few and far between. So I wanted to talk a little bit about my experiences in the fight and how it’s the first really challanging fight for me in ICC, but as more and more days passed the desire to write about that also diminished. Then there is my ever-present internal struggle to manage my expectations vs what I am able to do in the game, who I’m able to do it with, and in what kind of timeframe am I able to do it. That will probably eventually make its way to a full post, but for now, it’s also on hold. There are times when, as a blogger, I have writer’s block, but really, most of the time, it’s “writer’s laze” as Kevin Smith calls it. So for now, just enjoy the new layout and colors, we’ll see how long it lasts until I feel like redecorating again. Hopefully I’ll figure out of to make a few more cosmetic changes to the text and get some pictures in here.

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