Roid up with Wrynn (or Garrosh)

Those of you who read any WoW-related news websites have undoubtedly already seen this, but the raid-wide optional buff is here. Whether you hear the war song of Hellscream or roid up with the Strength of Wrynn everything in ICC stands to get about 5% easier in your immediate future. I couldn’t help but notice the possibility of an eventual +30% bonus however and my brain exploded a little bit. Right now, I raid-buff out to just shy of 60k health wearing 2 stamina trinkets. 30% of that is about 18k. That means right before Catacylsm comes out, I could be walking around in ICC25 with 80k+ health, and druids will be dangerously close to the 100k mark. Druids are gonna be fucking raid bosses soon I swear to god. So jealous… If only they hadn’t nerfed my stamina scaling recently…

So what does this mean? Well, for me, it means that all the bosses that we routinely flatten will go down that much quicker (and will just keep on getting quicker). By the time the buff hits 10% I’ll probably be able to single-tank Festergut thanks to bubble-taunt clearing my stacks so we can bring another DPS in. Not sure if this will be viable on hard modes or not since I haven’t looked at what his health climbs to, but having an extra 11k DPS in the raid might make that all irrelevant anyway. It also means that our Blood Queen attempts will be pushed into a much more comfortable distance from her hard enrage timer but it won’t stop people from missing their bites sadly. But for thousands and thousands of other players, this means 2 things: guild progression and more success in PuGs. I know my warrior will appreciate all the help he can get in ICC PuGs since the best tank gear is practically store-bought for all non-hardmode people. Warrior’s have it a little harder than Paladins as far as gearing goes, but all the gear is really well itemized, it’s just a matter of being able to kill the bosses that drop it, then win the item. I have some friends on different servers who are just clipping some enrage timers, so the raid bonuses should hopefully be helpful to them and some other struggling guilds.

30% really does feel excessive as far as buffs go, but at the same time, I guess Blizzard really does want to make sure that as many people as possible see the Lich King, on 10m if nothing else, and possibly even kill him and +30% sure seems like an almost guaranteed way to ensure that. I’m honestly surprised to see it rolled out this early though, I definitely expected to wait a little longer for it. Now to see if Blizzard adds achievements or feats of strength for Lich King 25H for not using the buff, or if the encounter was designed to be impossible mathematically without SOME form of buff until several weeks after 277 gear was available

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