Algalon “The Raid Destr…” oh f**k it he died before Big Bang.

So, Hi everyone, haven’t posted in ages, too busy grinding my face off.

I was going to blog about my race to 85, but then I spent 24 hours running on adrenaline. Hit it in just shy of 24 hours (server 13th, not bad). Would have been faster but I was dumb and ran Throne of the Tides and Blackrock Caverns hoping for some nice instance-XP, but it jut turned out to be a waste of 2 hours. Then I went to Vashj’ir first and wasted another hour on clunky 3-d movement and the inability to tell when I was going to pull something that looked far away. Once I went to Hyjal I finished the zone in an hour and was extremely disappointed by all the time I had wasted instead of just going to Hyjal first. I also died ALOT. I leveled Retribution because I thought it would be faster. It was fast enough I guess, with my 4-piece 264 tier and a heroic Brynn’troll which I didn’t replace until somewhere in Twilight Highlands I think. One or two monsters at a time was ok, but once I started getting 3+ it got hairy, and even with cooldowns and Word of Glory spamming myself, 4 or more usually meant death. I also didn’t read a lot of quests. There was one quest in Uldum where there were 6 guys guarding an item I had to click on and all I had to do was use an item in my inventory to distract them and get it, but instead I charged in and tried to kill them all with kiting and CC and luck three times, eating floor every time, because I only looked at the “where on the map do I go” indicators, and not reading how to do the quest. I killed so many 400k-elite quest mobs solo that I was supposed to weaken down to 100k with an inventory item that it’s not even funny…

Heroics… by now everyone has had something to say about them. I was in heroics before the end of the second day, and they were quite challenging in greens and without really understanding many mechanics. I wiped on Beauty trying to zerg her down before my CDs expired and the Core Hounds raped my faced so many times my healer got depressed. If only we had known you could just CC everything and laugh at how trivial it becomes. Granted, I was in a full guild group on vent with competent people, but we definitely had our struggles that first day. By the end of the week we were all in full 346 with a bunch of rep and crafted epics and halfway to our Glory of the Hero achievement. I love what they did to heroics. Blizzard has made it so that they are not a complete waste of my time to be in. Sure, now that I’m 11/12 in raids with 4-piece Tier 11 there’s nothing there for me from a gear or currency standpoint, but they really are like “mini-raids” now, so I still get to experience the feeling that BOSSES ARE BOSSES, and not just trash with triple the health because they want to be irritating. I think the heroics are a fantastic way to get ready for what people will have to do in raids so it can really prepare you if you let it. Yes, I absolutely do believe they might be just a little too hard for 50% of WoW players, especially because of all the bad habits Wrath instilled in heroic groups with the dungeon finder, and it doesn’t help when you get sent to Throne of Tides with a two Fury Warriors and an Unholy Deathknight and a Priest.

As a tank, I think I might have it easy though. I don’t really hear people complaining about healers. No one in gchat is ever like “this healer is terrible.” No, what they say are “this DPS doesn’t know how to CC” and they say “This Tank is terrible.” I hear ALOT of people complaining about bad tanks. Now, speaking for myself, I played in Burning Crusade for two and a half months. I was in the game just long enough before patch-3.0 that I got to see Paladins forced to refresh seals after judgments and 5-minute blessings. When patch 3.0 came out, I was ecstatic at all the positive changes I saw to my class. I wasn’t 70 until Wrath came out, I don’t think I was 80 until sometime in March, a good 4 months after people in Sunwell gear one-shot Kel’Thuzad on 25man. My earliest raiding memories are wiping on Gluth and Thaddius in 25man and not even being able to attempt instructor Razuvious and knowing all the tank drops worth anything in Nax were off the bosses behind him. I barely got to raid Ulduar at all because my guild wasn’t very good. Never got to kill Yogg until I transferred off the server. My first kill of Yogg-25 was a 3-lights attempt by a guild working on their first Val’anyr. I was fortunate enough to be able to get Tribute to Insanity 10man in ToC but my guild couldn’t kill faction champs on 25 until after the nerf, and even then, dps was bad so we often couldn’t kill Anub’arak on 25-normal. So I really didn’t start raiding at a high level until more than a year after I hit 80, when I transferred to a large-pop server and was in one of the first 1000 guilds to kill Lich King on 25man. I am, in the truest sense of the word, a player who started playing in Wrath. A “child of wrath,” but I wouldn’t consider myself a “Wrathbaby.” I never played in Vanilla and I never played in Burning Crusade, so the fact that I’m able to play as well as I do now in the reasonably challenging Cataclysm content is entirely about me being able to adapt and learn because I had a desire (and, perhaps, the time) to do so. So people complaining about being unable or unwilling to adapt to the Cataclysm content fills me with a profound sense of “then go home.” I just can’t muster the sympathy for them. HEROICS ARE NOT FOR CASUALS. They are meant for people who have farmed reg dungeons so much that they are trivial and the gear drops and rep rewards out of them are no longer viable ways to advance your character. They are not birthrights of dinging 85. If you wipe in heroics, either learn, adapt, improve, or go back to regs until you can no longer get anything out of them.

Last night we couldn’t raid because some of our members had unforseen circumstances, so some of us went to Icecrown Citadel to goof off. With my gear (no stamina trinkets) plus the 30% Icecrown raid buff, I had 192k raid buffed. Heroic LK’s infest fell off of me the moment it was applied because the initial hit doesn’t even dent me, nevermind get me below 90%. We put the instance on heroic and killed every boss in 3 minutes or less and got most of the achievements at the same time. Killing heroic Sindragosa before she gets the 4th Mystic Buffet cast out was at the same time satisfying (fuck you mechanic!!) and terrible because a fight that used to be mildly challenging has almost been reduced to a wrath-heroic boss difficulty level. Yes, people had to play a little bit well to avoid some of the mechanics throughout the instance, but it was still a joke. We then went to Ulduar because some people had never killed Algalon, and I’m not sure I can remember being more depressed recently. We killed him (on 10man) before his 2nd big-bang. I loved the Algalon fight in wrath. I loved getting Herald of the Titans, and seeing what this once mighty boss has been reduced to almost sent me to tears. Sadly (and thankfully, I suppose) we could not lolerskate over Lich King heroic because shadow traps still fling the people who don’t pay attention back to the non-heroic modes they belong in, and raid movement was sloppy so we never got past p2 after four or so attempts, but a lot of people had never seen the fight on heroic, so perhaps my expectations were too high for a mishmash group of people I trusted to raid and people I didn’t. I’ve heard stories of people in 10man stacking ranged dps and lusting during the p1-2 transition and pushing him into the p2-3 transition before he ever gets a Valk out. That’s gotta be kind of funny to see honestly. Perhaps, though, like Algalon, I will soon come to lament the ease of that HM encounter as well. Light of Dawn will probably take a long time to become trivial, and possibly even Alone in the Dark-25.

On the whole, I like Cataclysm. The dungeons are interesting and moderately challenging (though I do believe they take a little too long, even when overgearing and AoEing them), the raids are fun and have some reasonably unique mechanics (and OMGADDS), archaeology is certainly a vicious time-waster, questing is faster and easier than it has ever been and has some nice storylines in some zones. The old world revamp has been amazing, and flying everywhere (EXCEPT MY BELOVED SILVERMOON!!! FUCK YOU BLIZZARD!!!) is awesome. The new battlegrounds are interesting enough, rated BGs are a fun thing to do, and I’ve finally poked my head into arenas and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Here’s hoping they don’t nerf everything into the ground too quickly.

Oh, and yeah, Tol Barad sucks.

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  1. Koramoor Says:

    dude where did you transfer?

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