Transmogrify Demystified

            I finally had a chance to get on the PTR and take a look at some of the new stuff. I got to run two of the new 5-mans, “End Time” and “Hour of Twilight.” Both are really short, each having only 3 bosses and very little trash overall. The loot was in-game and some neat drops were seen even though I only ran each once. Overall neither was very challenging in a disappointing way. All the bosses seemed very simple mechanically and never posed too much of a danger. Maybe it’s because I’m in mostly 391 gear, but I seem to remember the Zandalari heroics being much more taxing the first time I did them on live. Maybe these will get re-tuned before 4.3. But, what I really got to sink my teeth into was transmogrification.

            There is a new building in Orgrimmar, right inside the drag, entering from the Valley of Strength, inside are the Arcane Reforger (now an Ethereal), Void Storage, and the Transmogrification guy. Reforging has a new interface which was nice, it is now radial buttons (like a multiple choice test format) and you fill in the buttons of the stats you want swapped, rather than the old style drop-down menu. Void storage offers 80 new slots of storage for Soulbound, non-Unique, non-stackable items. You cannot put in items with a “Unique” designation, you can, however, put in “Unique-Equipped” items. So, sadly, some items I would have love to have stored in there must remain in my bank, but as of this writing I have 41 items in there including old trinkets, archeology items, tabards, and some other miscellaneous stuff. You can deposit 9 items at a time, simply open void storage, open your bags, and right-click on the item in your bags and it will automatically be placed into the deposit window. The withdraw window works the same way, also with 9 slots for quick movement. Including the 1000g purchase fee, I spent roughly 3000g putting stuff in void storage, which is cheaper (and much bigger) than what a 26-slot dreamcloth bag would cost me on my server. Anyway, on to the transmogrification discussion…

            There are 11 slots available to be transmogrified of the 19 on your actual character window. To transmogrify an item simply right-click on the item in your inventory and it will appear on your character’s Dressing Room image in the transmogrify window. The price of transmogrification depends on the items you wear as its vendor price is used to change its appearance, just as it is with reforging. So if you want to transmogrify that 200g Avengers of Hyjal honored rep belt, it’s going to cost you 28g 58s. If an item has no sell price like my tier-8 gear, 10g is the blanket bill per item. Based on the gear I was wearing when I transmogrified it, my bill was 341g 14s 98c. A little bit pricy, but again, depending on how picky you are, you won’t have to spend this money money than once or twice. I costs nothing to un-transmog your gear, just like reforging, simply left-click on the item inside the transmogrify window and it will be changed to a yellow arrow icon meaning it will be reverted. Your gear will also return to its original appearance in the Dressing Room view of the transmogrify window.

            There are a few restrictions to this process; most of which most people are probably fairly familiar with if they’ve seen some of the update notes, but I’ll repeat some of them here for completeness sake (this will not be an exhaustive list, only the restrictions that really apply to my own personal situation as a player, if you want sub-lv85 restrictions, I can’t help) along with my own observations and comments:

    1: You can only transmogrify within armor types; cloth-to-cloth, plate-to-plate, mail-to-mail, etc. You CANNOT change mail to cloth, or plate to leather, etc. Sadly I will never be able to tank a raid boss while wearing Vestment of the Shifting Sands without actually putting that on… weep for my crushed dreams.
    2: You can only transmogrify items which are Soulbound. White-quality and Grey-quality items are not soulbound (so you cannot change your lv10 white sword to look like a lv10 Green-quality sword)
    3: You cannot use the appearance of items which have no stats. You cannot turn your firelands gear into lv7 vendor-whites. So much for taking down Heroic Ragnaros in the Grunt’s Plate Armor set…
    4: You can only transmogrify items which share the same slot designation. This is something that will likely crush many hopes for people once 4.3 goes live. 1hand maces can only be turned into other 1h maces. One-Hand swords CANNOT be turned into One-Hand axes, Main-hand Maces CANNOT be turned into main-hand daggers. Off-Hand Daggers CANNOT be turned into Off-Hand fist weapons, etc etc. But the biggest irritant to me personally was that One-Hand classification swords that I use in my main-hand (since, as a Paladin, I cannot use off-hand weapons) CANNOT be changed with Main-Hand designation weapons. My BiS Heroic Mandible of Beth’tilac is one-hand classification, so I can’t use most of my saved up main-hand designation weapons to change it. Very, very disappointing… You CAN, however, turn a Main-Hand designation weapon into a One-Hand weapon. The reason being One-Handed weapons can always be used in the slot that Main-Hand occupies, but Main-Hand cannot always be used in the same slot as a One-Hand designation because of the whole “off-hand” thing. Curse you rogues, death knights, warriors, and shamans, ruining all my fun… especially with Warglaives…
    5: Weapons will transmogrify with their original enchants. If your weapon has Landslide on it and you change it to something, that something will look as if it has Landslide on it. The only exception to this rule is if the weapon has a built-in graphical effect which supersedes enchants. There are more items like this than you might think, so make sure you are checking the items out with Atlasloot or see them in some in-game fashion through screenshots or something to be sure things will look how you want them to. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great because it allows you to see weapons with enchants on them that they don’t meet the item-level requirement. Seeing Power Torrent on a iLvl 81 weapon from Blackwing Lair is pretty neat. At the same time, some of these modern enchants like Power Torrent, Landslide, and Windwalk can be overpowering to weapons preventing you from really seeing them well, and, sometimes, even damaging their ability to suit your set’s needs. Windwalk actually has a slight purple twinge to it and if you try and use that on a weapon that purple looks awkward on, there is no getting around it. Meanwhile anyone who has used power torrent knows that something that looks awesome with its purple effect does not necessarily look equally awesome when the red effect takes over.
    6: To transmogrify, the item MUST BE IN YOUR BAGS AT THE TIME OF TRANSMOG PURCHASE. You cannot transmogrify from void storage, your bank, a vendor window, or atlasloot. If something is in your bank or void storage that you want to use the image of, you need to take it out and have it in your bags. Once you have finished changing the item you can put them wherever you want.

            For Additional Transmogrification restrictions and allowances you can check out Disenchanting Azeroth who have done some exhaustive testing.

            For those people who haven’t been saving sweet-looking gear since they first rolled their character, there are a few sneaky shortcuts you may be able to use depending on your class and what gear you are looking to use. I’m a Blood Elf Paladin, so it’s no surprise that my hair is extremely important to me, so I don’t have my helm shown most of the time. I also like my figure that I exercise constantly to maintain, so I don’t show my cloak either because it hides my curves from the back. So if you’re like me, you can save a little bit of money by not bothering to transmogrify these slots on your items. Depending on what gear you are using, you can often avoid changing your bracers and your boots as well. Many of the Paladin tiers use dresses and you can only ever see the tips of your boots and the ones you have may look close enough to earn you a pass, and gloves have become so large they come with their own bracer graphic completely covering the bracer graphics. If you really like tabards, or have one that matches especially well (for example the Argent Crusader tabard with the Wrathful Gladiator Paladin set) you can potentially get away with not changing your chest piece either depending on the color of your arms and how much your shoulders and gloves cover.

            I’ve spent a great deal of time accumulating vanity gear, and not just old tier sets, but everything. Unfortunately transmogrify will only allow me to go plate-to-plate so I can’t tank in Priest-tier lookalike, but I can still wear that kind of gear on my own time. As an enthusiastic collector of things that make me look and feel pretty, I have also had to learn the art of accessorizing. It wasn’t enough just to get all 8 pieces of Tier-2, I had to get a matching shield and weapon. I thought about going for trinkets and rings and other non-visible items, but because they’d only be seen by people who inspected you, and not just passers-by, I elected to forgo the majority of those. Sure, I might have known I had them, but, really, isn’t the point of all of this to look amazing while kicking butt? I have a hard enough time finding bank space without saving any of it for things no one else will be able to see. So I’m going to provide a little insight into my accessorizing process and how I find ways to enhance and “complete” some of my sets. Like I said, I have a lot of sets, and while my shield collection and weapon collection certainly is not as large as some, I do have a sizable collection to draw from, so this will likely take multiple posts to really draw out fully.


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