Top 10 Disappointments of Catacylsm (so far)

            As I was RUNNING through Silvermoon City, bemoaning my inability to fly here for the millionth time, the idea popped into my head to list my 10 biggest disappointments of Cataclysm to date. There are many things I like about Cataclysm, but it is so much easier, and more fun, to complain than to praise; so here are my top10 biggest disappointments of cataclysm (so far, it’s not over yet…)

    10: Not enough new and interesting achievements. The content on the whole has been massively sparse, but there was even a lack of new “busy-work” added to the game. No new Achievement for 100+ mounts. Pets got a 125 and 150, but mounts are still stuck at 100. I have 130 mounts, why can’t I have 10 more nerd points and another free mount Blizzard? Why do you love pets more? Wrath introduced achievements and may have had 2 previous expansions with which to draw from, but by the end of Wrath people could have around 12,000 achievement points, and nearing the end of Cataclysm, people haven’t broken 15,000 yet. One could argue 4000 achievement points per expansion would seem about average, but Wrath really held the bulk of those 12k, and Vanilla and Burning Crusade had around 2000 or less each.
    9: Everything was BoP. Yes, in 4.3 chaos orbs are becoming un-soulbound, but that doesn’t stop Fish Feasts (excuse me “Seafood Magnifique”), Guild Cauldrons, Dreamcloth, etc. I know it was done to give crafters a more meaningful economic advantage and to reward guild achievements, but it just felt like a massive quality of life decrease. It takes 6 stacks of fish to make one Fish Feast, if I could have stored Fish Feasts in my guild bank instead of 6 stacks of mats, that would have saved so much damn space.
    8: Archeology. It had such an interesting premise and sounded like it could have been a good idea, but the “hot/cold” mini-game was clunky, unsatisfying, and crushingly unfulfilling when it came to rares. The worst part about it was that it had no continuity, no flow. When you herb or mine you can get in the zone, you can follow your route on autopilot for 8 hours and keep being excited when you find new nodes to swoop down on. Archeology was always “fuck I’m in Tanaris and my next dig is in Ashenvale…” It destroyed all flow and broke all immersion. Some dig sites were far too big to find artifacts in a satisfyingly short amount of time. I got my 20 rares achievement and never dug in the dirt again. No Fossil tanking shield, no Zinrok, ONE Tol’vir rare… disappointing and a very painful grind. They did make many improvements to it after launch, but they didn’t do enough to save it.
    7: Merging the lockouts of previous tiers of content. It was perfectly fine to me to have them merge Tier-11 raids into a 10 or a 25man only because they shared the exact same gear, but old content does not. Especially now when they are about to unveil transmogrification there is more reason than ever to run old content for vanity gear if that is something you are interested in. It’s not bad enough you have to wait a week between lockouts, but now that time is doubled if you want gear from both instance sizes.
    6: Artificially trying to extend content. Artificial Valor Point caps? Lowering further that Valor cap? Wait, what? High rated pvpers got to raise their Conquest cap? Why!? Epic gems only from bags from boss drops so the PLAN is for it to take 4 months for someone to get 22 epic red gems to upgrade all their sockets? How is that supposed to be fun for people? I understand they don’t want to copy/paste the Titanium-prospect into Pyrium-prospect, but while it may be uncreative, at least it fulfills the needs of the playerbase without jerking them around.
    5: Firelands. It was just too few bosses, no two ways about it. On top of that it got delayed because of the playerbase’s inability to conquer the mechanic-heavy and tightly-tuned encounters in Tier-11 which caused expectations for it to be higher because it was allowed a longer development and refinement cycle which apparently wasn’t used, it just sat there till “we were ready for it.” The content got stale too quickly. The fights were not so much difficult as it was sitting enough of your members and leaning on the skill of too few in order to stack the dps necessary to down certain fights on heroic. There were too many fights where you had to sit healers and tanks to bring in more DPS. I like to describe it as “revenge of the dungeon finder;” since DPS have really long queues, we’ll just give them all the raid spots to make up for it, SUCK IT TANKS, NO RAIDS FOR YOU, GO QUEUE FOR DUNGEONS! I want a tier of content with multiple 3-tank fight after this content which had far too many 1-tank fights, especially considering how few bosses those fights were spread among. Almost fully 50% of this content patch (not counting BH) required only 1 tank to raid it… inexcusable, and not healthy for the sustainability of the 3-role system. Make no mistake, the Firelands was a passable instance, certainly not as bad as Trial of the Crusader, but it was nowhere near what I was hoping it would be.
    4: Final raid tier being unveiled too quickly. 4.3 will have the Deathwing raid, that means we will have had 3 tiers of raiding content this expansion compared to 4 from last expansion. This in and of itself isn’t so bad, but there are so few raid bosses in Cataclysm compared to the number that were in Wrath. When 5-boss raids came out in Burning Crusade there were multiple raid instances to keep the total number of bosses per tier high, but things just keep feeling smaller and smaller as this expansion wears on.
    3: Not doing nearly enough with the Lore. I’m not really a big lore nerd, but it is something I am able to appreciate; and even if someone doesn’t enjoy Warcraft lore, everyone enjoys a good story, and I feel we were let down in that department. Depending on who you talk to, what websites you read, and who has what insider information, WoW’s story, even in Wrath, was supposed to be so much better than it was ever allowed to be because they made the decision (and rightly so from a business standpoint I guess) to keep the game as PG and mass-marketable as possible so we never got to hear about Alextraza’s long period of being raped inside Grim Batol leading to the Twilight Dragonflight, never got to see the storyline of Uldum go anywhere, never got to truly fear Deathwing as an adversary, and so many other dead-end plots that were left to die like a canceled TV show that was just getting good. Things could have been (and were supposed to be) so much more sweeping and epic and expansive and compelling than it turned out. I have heard that several designers and writers resigned in disgust over the course of the last 6 years, but that’s only hearsay. All I know for sure is that I am underwhelmed by the atmosphere of Cataclysm, only Launch day was compelling to see the world change.
    2: Tier-12 Firelands heroics are now easier than Tier-11 heroics after the nerfs. Tier-12 heroics were very largely DPS-driven and not mechanic driven. The fights boiled down to “lets keep sitting tanks and healers and replacing them with DPS until we can beat the enrage timer.” I mean, come on, people are bringing THREE healers to Heroic Ragnaros? Sure lets just sit half our healing corps for the ULTIMATE HARD MODE OF THE CONTENT PATCH, I’m sure they didn’t want to see the fight anyway or participate in the guild-first kill. There were THREE one-tank fights in 10man Firelands while only being one in 25man. Tier-11 heroic modes were limiting by strong DPS for fights like Heroic Cho’gall sure, but they were incredibly mechanic-intensive. Heroic Omnitron Defense System, Heroic Cho’Gall, Heroic Valiona and Theralion, and Heroic Ascendant Council all had more mechanics individually than multiple heroic Firelands encounters combined. This is incredibly distressing to have such an under-designed tier of content. 7 bosses. 7 simplistic bosses. 7 bosses who are, on heroic, now not as hard as many of the bosses who preceded them because T12 got nerfed and it was just a DPS-race tier that is now a slow jog. T11 is still there, un-nerfed, and you can’t out-gear many fights because of the tightly tuned mechanics.
    1: I CAN’T FUCKING FLY IN SILVERMOON!!! For the last 2 months of Wrath all I could think about was how I was going to perch atop the spires of Silvermoon City on my Ironbound Protodrake and quote Batman voice-overs about protecting my city. So, in the paraphrased words Eric Cartman, Blizzard, I’d appreciate it if, next time, you took me out to dinner and a movie before you FUCK ME!
    Honorable Mention 1: Rogue-only legendary. Yeah, I’m a hater. I don’t even care that I can’t use it, I just can’t stand it’s limited to ONE class only. Every other legendary that I know about was minimum 3 classes. Rogues could roll on Thoridal, let hunters have these daggers.
    Honorable Mention 2: Retribution mechanics changes. It’s just not any fun Bliz. It is too clunky, too random; you wanted it to be about skill but it’s just about how many procs you get honestly… It is competitive on the meters, and that’s great, but it’s not any fun…
    Honorable Mention 3: Minor quality of life changes. Why can’t I cleanse magic debuffs anymore! How am I supposed to do bad healers’ jobs for them so we don’t wipe!? Why did you take away Divine Intervention!? Word of Glory’s cooldown. Yeah, I know it had to happen, but still, awww man! Why can a Death Knight solo Yogg, Lich King, or TWO HEROIC 5MAN BOSSES AT THE SAME TIME, and I can’t solo Patchwerk? I miss judgment of Light+Seal of Light. The passenger flying mount wasn’t as cool as it should have been, just saying. Garrosh still sucks, just saying. No new Rare-hunting achievement for Cataclysm, how come?

    Final Honorable Mention: Tol Barad. If it was 4 months ago, this one would be #1, but I just stopped caring about it. It was horribly imbalanced and I won almost 100 consecutive games in less than a month. It was unbalanced, uninteresting, and the 1:1 ratio was a fucking disaster that only accomplished leaving hundreds of people waiting on the other side of the bridge wondering why they couldn’t have fun too. At least you let us run across the bridge as the battle ended to cheese getting victory and honor for awhile. We had some awesome stampede parties on my server. That reward items did not get upgraded in content patches like Wintergrasp’s did only served to hurry the zone into an early grave once people got the stuff they needed from it very early on in the expansion. I don’t miss it, I’m glad I never have to go back, but I wish you had done better with it so I wouldn’t feel this way.

            This was pretty of negative so I’ll try to write a “10 good things” soon.


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